iPhone Photo Tips And Ideas For Beautiful Shots

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When walking the streets of major cities of USA, Canada, Europe and China, you may have noticed a growing number of Apple ads promoting taking pictures with an iPhone. Whether you have iPhone or any other mobile phone with a quality camera, taking pictures of scenes you like is a great hobby. When you take a photo, you unconsciously take a leap to becoming a life observer, which is a very reenergizing and rewarding experience on its own. The greatest scientists and artists have always pointed out to the fact that breaking from your work routine and becoming a distant observer creates a space in your mind, inspiring new productivity, ideas and creativity to solve the objectives that you have for the day. So take your mobile phone and make a few pictures. Remember that you can easily use Sync Photos to Storage and Photo Transfer WiFi to complete the download fast. And the apps are available for download absolutely free!


List of Useful Tips when Taking iPhone Photos

While there is a great number phone photography awards, which is absolutely fun to participate at, there is a great variety of aspects why phone photography is absolutely valuable experience.

Let’s focus at the moment on the tips how to make your photos stand out with this easy-to-use tips.

  • Keep your photos simple – concentrate on one object keeping in mind what Steve Jobs said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Move away from over-complication as no one will appreciate the overcrowded frame that is distracting viewers’ attention from the core of a harmonious composition.
  • Shoot from a low angle – phone pictures are usually shot from the chest height as it is too convenient for the user. Finding the interesting angle is the key to find the best perspective. Try shooting from a lower perspective as it is interesting on its own (something that we are not used to).
  • Expose the depth in your photos – refuse to take FLAT photos because it is the biggest mistake. Look to capture the depth instead (especially with landscape photos).
  • Subjects should be aligned diagonally – by aligning different objects, your picture gets more balanced and harmonious perspective.
  • Shoot from the same level of your subject – the rule is applicable to shooting children and animal.



  • Keep shadows in your composition – pay attention to the shadows to make the photos look more alive and complete.
  • It is very beneficial to take silhouette photos – the very best of the photography techniques.
  • Follow the symmetry – a great photo trick.
  • Be spontaneous – shoot life moments that everyone fail to notice or appreciate.
  • Photograph reflections always look good! These photos are simply impossible to ignore.





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