Release of Business VPN by KeepSolid – How to Benefit From It?

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Updated on Jan. 10, 2020:  We’ve stopped support of Business VPN. The team that developed this app is now entirely focused on VPN Unlimited Team and other online security products and bundles. Check out what’s already available here and stay tuned for our new solutions! 

Are you familiar with the breathtaking feeling when a project that you’ve been toiling on finally launches? The excitement and the thrill of making your work public? If you are, then you know exactly how our KeepSolid team feels right now about the release of our Business VPN solution. So, are you ready for the big event? Finally, after long months of painstaking work, our newest security solution is just around the corner! Business VPN by KeepSolid launches today, January 16th!

What is Business VPN service and how is it different from other VPNs on the market?

In a nutshell – it’s the kind of service that, in addition to classic VPN benefits such as data encryption and IP masking, offers a number of special features. These features may vary, but in general, they should be especially beneficial for corporate use. You can read more about this kind of services in our recent piece on the topic.

One might ask, what makes our VPN solution for business excel then? That is, other than the standard KeepSolid’s high quality of execution, intuitive interface, and a fulfilling user experience, of course? Well, the zest of our solution is in how much it benefits both the organization as a whole, and the individual parts of them. Allow us to explain.

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Utility value is the main benefit of our VPN service for business

It’s probably needless to say that for any company, the ability to encrypt and secure the sensitive information is crucial. The same goes for the ability to access important online resources at any time and from anywhere in the world. These features are the gist of our service. However, every department of a company has its own, specific needs and challenges that can also be tackled with our VPN for business. Here is the list of benefits of our app for different departments:

  • Reach success with Business VPN by KeepSolidThe marketing department can utilize the ability to “change” IPs to test location-targeted campaigns or tools and evaluate their efficiency. Also, this feature allows SEO specialists to conveniently manage location-based results and SEO bids. Finally, having a fake IP means that you can freely analyze your competitors without raising suspicion. These are no small boons, because in the marketing sphere proper research and preparation can spare you a lot of money afterwards.
  • The customer support department will also benefit from the Personal server feature of our service. First of all, it’s not uncommon for companies to enlist agents for this department from other countries. In this case, them using your common business IP will make it look like they operate from within your headquarters, helping your company appear more professional and improving its image. Additionally, avoiding any sorts of unexpected location-based restrictions is important to ensure that all users’ requests will be satisfied.
  • For the sales department, it is the military-grade encryption that will be of greatest value while using our Business VPN. This department has access to most vital corporate data such as financial, partner, and client information. It’s mandatory to establish a thorough security system to protect those, and our service will perfectly complement it. Also, with Business VPN your company’s sales representatives will be able to reach potential customers on the resources that are unavailable from your state, such as governmental websites of other countries.

These are but the most widespread of the possible applications for Business VPN. Depending on the specifics of your enterprise’s structure and its field of operations, your departments may find other ways to utilize our service. But one thing remains crystal clear – with Business VPN by KeepSolid, your company will be able to achieve new heights!

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