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Make your Academic Plan as a Strategy and Become Great Teacher

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According to William Arthur Ward, an American writer with the most quoted inspirational maxims, “The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” But what about teaching the subject and basic knowledge of science? Today we won’t talk about philosophy, but about real teachers’ and studying issues, how to avoid them, and how to become the great one. Academic Plan as a Strategy. Follow us on Facebook!One fact that doesn’t change through the years – the majority of students don’t want to study. They are just not interested in the process and this spoils everything. And who is to blame in the eyes of the public? Most often, their teachers. This causes a number of issues such as bad progress among students, parents’ claims, administrators’ dissatisfaction, even teachers’ health issues because of long-term stress. So, teachers, keep your chin up, our feature-rich Roadmap Planner app is your life-saver. Sit back and read on to learn how to turn students’ studying into a good habit with a bit of strategic thinking.

Don’t say, “I am strong”; say, “I’m training to be strong”

If you ask students why they are studying, you will hardly hear at least few coherent answers. This happens because they have a lax idea of what this all is really for. Some of them may not even understand the goals of your subject and how it will help them in their future life. Writing the right curriculum for your students might solve this miscommunication. But it will work only if you turn words into a strategy. Because only this way will you expound the importance of your subject to your students. A strategic plan for a semester will explicitly influence their academic performance.

We’ve already talked about the relevance of visualization in our previous articles and today we’ll combine it with motivation. The main idea is not just telling your students, “You’ll successfully complete the course!” but showing them how they can do this. The key point is that you have to visualize the final goal AND show the path to achieving it. That’s why showing to your students a clear sequence of actions that lead to the endpoint of your subject will promote the increase in their achievements.

How does this work?

Technology and innovations in teaching and education

Establishing a logical connection between consecutive tasks is crucial for success at this point. With Roadmap Planner, it’s easy to create a document for your academic strategy, add your subjects as new projects, fill them with tasks, topics, and end goals, using items and milestones. All this will help your ideas become as clear as possible for students. There are many more features which can help you to set up the proper chronology of tasks and topics and conveniently arrange the simultaneous execution of them.

Ordinary presentation of tasks is not enough though, your students should understand the intrinsic structure as well. With our app you can showcase your students a logical construction of thoughts.

The Scopes will help to organize exam preparation in blocks, which significantly facilitate the student teaching. With the Gantt Chart View you will teach your students how to study in the most effective way: which tasks should be done first, which can be combined, and over what period they are required to learn something. In other words, how to find the ideal balance of workload. Our tools will help you not to lose the above logical connection of the whole study program and global strategy.

The generations theory

Earlier, we mentioned that the main complexity in nowadays education stems from the students’ unwillingness to study. This is how it should affect your strategy. Strauss-Howe theory distinguishes 3 types of recent human generations: X, Y (millennials), and Z. Your students are of the latter generation. Mostly the difference is in time when they were born and the worldview distinctions because of the rapid technical progress.

Homeland Generation (Z) was born in the beginning of 2000s, and in simple words they are internet children. Their comfort zone is smartphone screens, so why don’t you create your academic plan within a modern smart tool like Roadmap Planner? Moreover, with our strategy app you may not only create your ideal curriculum, but even demonstrate it on the interactive whiteboard through the Presentation Mode. It’s a neat method which lets you speak with your students in common language by using technology that is habitual for them. Demonstrate your strategy and allow it inspire them.

Digitize your academic plan to speak with your Gen Z students in common language. And if everything else fails, you'll have stuff to print and hand out 😉 Click To Tweet

Having a professional strategy building app will make your life easier, reducing stress and making you the great teacher from the quote in the beginning. Download Roadmap Planner and start making studying process effective for the Homeland Generation now.

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