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Of Web Browsing: Benefits, Threats, Cyber Crime, and Secure Internet Browsers

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How Secure Are Our Internet Browsers?
Dangers of Browsing the Web Without a Secure Private Browser
How Can Secure and Private Web Browser Protect You?
Private Browser – The Truly Anonymous Web Browser

Private Browser Allows You to Enjoy the Best Aspects of the Internet

Summary on the Use of Secure Private Internet Browser

We live in the age when a huge part of our lifestyle, social interactions, and everyday routine is governed and determined by the internet. Making our morning coffee and reading the daily newspaper right on its website; using emails, browsers, and search engines at work; getting ready for bed and setting the alarm clocks on our phones connected to WIFi.

Add privacy and security to your everyday browsing with mobile Private Browser

We have also developed some skills and knowledge that would appear totally unnecessary 40 years ago. Most of us can type an essay in fifteen minutes, our language includes tech-savvy lingo (that sometimes sounds like mumbo-jumbo), and we can now have an hour-long conversation consisting entirely of emojis.

How Secure Are Our Internet Browsers?

Considering all this, we netizens feel perfectly comfortable and safe when using internet browsers. However, it’s important to ask ourselves a question: are we as safe as we’d like to think we are?

A number of reports show the growing pattern of high-level data breaches in recent years. Some of us prefer to believe that these problems only hit large corporations or political institutions, though the sad truth is that everyone is in danger. More and more people are getting targeted and falling victim to cyber criminals on a daily basis, and yet most choose to ignore the imminent dangers that come with unsecure usage of the internet.

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Dangers of Browsing the Web Without a Secure Private Browser 

Protecting our digital privacy, identity, and personal data has never been so important, but also difficult. Nowadays, cyber crime is more rampant than ever, all thanks to the ever-increasing amount of time netizens spend on the internet:

  • Cyber bullying
  • Frauds with credit cards
  • Social networking scams
  • Data theft and spying

This shows that our society is in deep need for a private, secure internet browser.

Most internet browsers use a “third-party cookies” feature, along with under-the-radar trackers. These are mostly used to gather all sorts of information about you. Which is no good news, considering recent cases of identity theft and the misuse of information gathered from social networks.

How Can Secure and Private Web Browser Protect You?

Some people try to just wave it off and keep using the internet as if nothing happened. But once the seeds of paranoia have been planted, from there on they just keeps growing until we reap the results. In this particular case, the paranoia is supported by constant scandals like the infamous Facebook/Cambridge Analytica embarrassment.

Little boy and girl playing with mobile phones with Private Browser

Considering all that, identity and privacy protection should be our top priority when we browse the internet. You want to make sure that your data is your own. Online security and anonymous browsing are a pressing matter of today, with the information theft via the internet is as widespread as never before.

Private Browser – The Truly Anonymous Web Browser

One of the prominent examples in the battle against spyware, obtrusive surveillance, and cybercrime is Private Browser by KeepSolid.

  • Private Browser Security and Anonymity features

Private Browser was developed to protect the data and privacy of every user. It also provides a number of other crucial benefits, such as unbound online freedom.

In addition to surfing the internet securely, swiftly, and freely, Private Browser also features anonymous, private search (no trackers), and solid local device protection options. Additionally, hundreds or VPN servers are available to Private Browser’s users, meaning that you get both the best connection speed and the access to any internet content, wherever you go.

Private Browser server network connected across planet Earth , view from space.

  • Private Browser Little Extras

Aside from the mandatory features that are targeted at safeguarding your privacy and identity, our privacy-focused internet browser is equipped with numerous neat little features that make your web surfing a beautiful ride. Options such as dark mode web browser personalization and shortcuts might seem like a norm now. And that’s because they are!

  • Of Google Chrome Incognito Mode and Others

Now compare this ultimate functionality to your basic Incognito mode of the mainstream browsers. This mode, and others of its ilk, are highly restricted. Sure, with it your browser won’t see your browsing history, cookies and site data, or information entered in forms. But your activity still remains visible to third parties, including your network’s managers, the websites you visit, and your ISP.

Private Browser Allows You to Enjoy the Best Aspects of the Internet

  • Private Browser for Private Search

The internet is, without a doubt, one of the humanity’s greatest creations. It’s a seemingly limitless source of entertainment, knowledge, and socialization. It’s available to almost everyone. Using the internet, you can ask pretty much any question on any topic, and get thousands of detailed answers and explanations as soon as you click the Search button in our secure internet browser.

  • Private Browser for Communication

Furthermore, the internet lets us stay connected to people who are literally oceans away, be it via a live chat or email. You can connect with anyone, anytime, and anywhere in the world, all in a matter of seconds.

Full length portrait of group of diverse people use smartphones with secure private internet browsers

At the end of the day, using private, secure internet browser means that you are never alone. In our fast-paced modern world, it’s easy to become introverted and forget there are people around us. Luckily, if the loneliness sets in, you can turn to the internet and remember that there are hundreds of millions of people all over the world, ready to help you. They share similar interests, similar pains, and similar joys.

  • Private Browser for Business

Your professional life also benefits from the use of our secure Private Browser! It lets you do banking and complete other important tasks like paying your bills right from your device, no more long, tedious queues. Many companies digitize their whole businesses, selling, purchasing, and performing all sorts of operations online.

Summary on the Use of Secure Private Internet Browser

The internet gives us so much, but it also makes us more vulnerable at the same time. It gave the crooks a bigger forest to sneak in and it gave the criminals a bigger audience to prey upon. Nowadays, more than ever before, we must learn to protect ourselves, as well as the people we care about.

That’s why the security and anonymity focused Private Browser is a must on every device. It’s the proper measure against the internet scammers, hackers, and frauds. After all, it takes a modern solution to beat a modern problem!

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  1. The best place to start is with your browser. It s your main portal to the web, so using a more secure option will make a big difference to your privacy. Simply enabling private browsing in your current browser isn t enough. You need a new browser to achieve true anonymous browsing.

    • Hi,

      You’re absolutely right! Anonymous browsing requires a special tool. And Private Browser is just the solution to achieve the so desired anonymity online.

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