Keepsolid Career

At KeepSolid, our main goal is to improve company efficiency, while improving employee performance with all of our employees.

While developing modern products, we simplify complex tasks by offering simple solutions compatible for various devices that are available worldwide.

Our team of experts realize that software is just a tool that helps achieve results. We understand there is a human element with development, which is why we combine information technology, case analysis, and solve problems for our users in a timely and professional manner.

Marketing Manager

While practicing the productivity methodology, we take people and companies to the heights of productivity and reliability. This approach ensures a modern living standard for our employees, who contribute to the security of business and society.

The family of our business products is designed to solve modern problems of managing companies around the world. Regardless of the customer - a large company or a single person - our products will be easy to use and quickly solve work tasks.

KeepSolid is looking for a marketing manager who will become part of a professional, dynamically developing team, and will lead the marketing direction of one of our products.

You will be able to communicate in detail with the technical team, sales managers, and other specialists at the office, as well as with customers at exhibitions and presentations.

Expected products of labor:
  • Monthly increasing brand awareness of the company's products
  • Growing number of new users
  • Drawn up and implemented marketing plan
  • Analyzed work results, organized in the form of a report
  • Ability and desire to become the cause of the product marketing development
  • Interest in the new
  • Be active and creative
  • Be a proven professional
  • Be sociable and able to convey ideas to colleagues
  • Share the company’s corporate culture
  • Experience in marketing for software products will be a plus