Keepsolid Career

At KeepSolid, our main goal is to improve company efficiency, while improving employee performance with all of our employees.

While developing modern products, we simplify complex tasks by offering simple solutions compatible for various devices that are available worldwide.

Our team of experts realize that software is just a tool that helps achieve results. We understand there is a human element with development, which is why we combine information technology, case analysis, and solve problems for our users in a timely and professional manner.

SQL Data Analyst

Required skills:
  • Knowledge of SQL language, including PostgreSQL dialect;
  • Skills in working with .csv files in LibreOffice Calc;
  • Understanding of set theory basic concepts (sets and operations - intersection, union, difference);
  • Understanding the order of SQL query execution;
  • Understanding of the principles of relationships in relational databases (keys, primary-external);
  • Skills in creating select queries with table join (INNER, LEFT, OUTER joins);
  • Ability to build compound queries using CTE and subquery mechanisms;
  • Knowledge of window functions work principles (window function);
  • Knowledge and ability to apply aggregate functions;
  • understanding of type conversion in SQL and working with strings (case change, to_char(), like, in);
  • ability to work with stored JSON strings;
  • ability to import and export records to the database.
Desired skills:
  • Experience with Clickhouse;
  • Experience with ssh;