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Online security and anonymity apps for business and personal use
KeepSolid Privacy was created with a mission to help people around the world stay free. This is achieved by opening access to any public data and enhancing privacy of their personal information.



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On Guard of Your Privacy and Security

We don’t collect nor sell users’ data
We combine industry’s best practices and our own developments
We never employ third parties to developing our security solutions
We use our products ourselves on an everyday basis
We’re constantly improving our products to bring them closer to perfection

Privacy Solutions that We Take Great Pride In

Ultimate, premium VPN service for people who know the true value of internet freedom and security. It’s got the protection, the biggest selection of servers (including those for streaming and torrenting), and many more to-of-the-game features.
The best corporate VPN solution on the market. With VPN Unlimited for Teams, you will unleash the full potential of your business. It secures your corporate data and payments and helps you to protect business communications. All within a single Control panel!
Surf the internet safely and without restrictions. Private Browser offers exactly that - privacy and anonymity of your online activities. In addition, it allows you to connect to our extensive network of VPN servers, thus bypassing any content geo-blocking.
The bullet-proof security solution that protects you from known-malicious websites and malware. KeepSolid DNS Firewall detects and blocks DNS-activity of malicious sites before they cause any damage. All to boost your online protection and safeguard your private data!
An easy-to-use, secure app for generating and storing strong passwords. Passwarden can also protect other types of personal information, such as account credentials or payment info. Other features include the Duress Mode, secure data import and sharing, and more.

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