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Why Do You Need a Private Porn Browser

Without using a safe browser to watch porn, you expose yourself to numerous threats. Your online traffic info and sensitive data, your internet activities and browsing history, your physical location and web profile - this and other information can be of interest to all sorts of cyber criminals.

What’s more, any and all of that data can leak to the internet via a number of channels. Sometimes, the danger is lurking on a compromised adult web site. Alternatively, an insecure browser or connection might be leaking the info. Either way, even a single misstep may spell your complete deanonymization. That is, of course, unless you’re using Private Browser for adult content.

What Makes Ours the Best Browser for Porn

Private Browser’s main benefits for the lovers of NSFW content are as follows:

It encrypts your online traffic, effectively protecting it from spyware and rendering in absolutely unreadable to any unauthorized third parties.

Anonymizes your online activities, allowing you to keep secret what you’d like to stay so.

Offers users an option of anonymous porn search, ensuring that your life’s little pleasures remain private.

Adds local protection to the equation, bringing the means of extra security like a fingerprint or a password.

To watch porn anonymously, one sometimes has to go to great lengths. One of the reasons is that adult websites are sometimes restricted in certain networks or even in whole countries. So if your favorite NSFW resource ends up being blocked, you have little to no options to watch it, other than using a secure adult browser like Private Browser.

With our mobile browser, porn websites can be freely accessed via a VPN server of your choice. Thus, your real IP address gets replaced by that of the server, allowing you to bypass any network- or geo-restrictions.

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Private Browser Features for Safe Adult Search

Unlimited speed and bandwidth

Military-grade AES-256 encryption

400+ servers in over 80 locations

Hides your real IP address

Bulletproof local device security

24/7 professional customer support

Customizable and intuitive interface

No-log policy

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