Download Private Browser for Mobile

Begin your secure online journey with this private internet browser. Download the app for iOS and Android to safeguard your data and privacy from any infringements!

3 Reasons to Download Private Browser

1. To surf the web securely and anonymously

Your internet traffic will be reliably protected with data encryption, and your real IP address - masked by routing the traffic via a VPN server.

2. To keep your search in Private Browser anonymous

Your browser’s search history can give away a lot of information to an interested party. Prevent this by conducting search in Private Browser!

3. To access geo-blocked content

Once you open Private Browser and connect to a VPN server, you’ll get access to any content available in that server’s location, wherever you are.

Core features of Private Browser

Obscures your real IP address

Unlimited bandwidth and speed

400+ VPN servers in 80+ locations

Bulletproof data security

Tiered local device protection

No-log policy

24/7 support

Customizable interface

How to Start Using Private Browser


Download the Private Browser app


Sign in to Private Browser using KeepSolid ID


Select from the hundreds of servers of our private app


Enjoy your private browsing, free of worries!

Private Browser Download for iOS

Private Browser for iPhone and iPad is an excellent choice if you wish to complement these platforms’ existing defenses. They already are pretty tight, no doubt, but their security usually only extends to the device itself. However, your shield against cyber threats will finally be complete with Private Browser.

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Private Browser Download for Android

What makes our app the best private browser for Android is its top-notch security, unmatched connection speed, and the ability of Private Browser to free you from the boundaries of geo-restrictions. Browse, search, watch, chat, and do everything else you normally do online - now with extra flavor.

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