Private Browser Features

From invisible browsing to private searching - in our app

Invisible Browsing Online

When your device connects to the internet, it is assigned a specific IP address, by which your online activities can be traced. But if you use the Private Browser app, you connect to a VPN server, through which all your traffic is then tunneled. This bars any third parties from learning where you go and what you do on the web.

In addition, the websites you visit are tricked into believing that you come from a different place. Besides, since we never log our users’ activities, in our safe, private web browser you are nigh invisible. And speaking of secure web browsers...

The Highest Security of Web Browsing

All the data that your device sends and receives through Private Browser online undergoes bullet-proof encryption. This ensures that hackers snooping your conversation through a compromised WiFi router get no idea what you are up to and what information you exchange with our fast Private Browser. Wearing this kind of protection is vital when connecting to public WiFi and other unsecured networks.

Local Protection of the Private Browser App

What would our software for private browsing be worth if anyone could just take your phone and read its history? But we’ve got you covered!

Locking the app with either a fingerprint, a pattern, a pin code, or a password is what really makes it the most secure private web browser. Thus, no one who gets their hands on your device will be able to access your browsing history, bookmarks, and the active session unless you grant them that authority.

Customize Your Private Browser

The light side or the dark side — easily switch them at will with Private Browser’s theme settings. Pick what best complements the device’s feel, your spirit, or the color scheme of the site you visit… or maybe even your outfit, why not? Make your private search browser reflect and support your classy style!

The Need for a Privacy Search App in the Modern World

The problem of obtrusive government and corporate surveillance is nowadays more pressing than ever. As technology develops, spying tools get ever cheaper and more efficient. So anyone looking to stay private while browsing the web has to respond in kind - that is, by using a modern and reliable privacy search app.

Private Browser is exactly that app, protecting your privacy during search from:

  • Advertising tracker networks
  • Spyware
  • Any cyber malefactor trying to intercept your traffic

What Makes Ours an Invisible Browser

Private Browser can be considered truly invisible due to the way its separate features synergize when combined. On its own, data encryption only secures your traffic, still allowing to trace its origin, destination, and all sorts of related information (e.g., IP address). On the flipside, routing traffic through a VPN server totally hides its sender identity, but in no way prevents its interception and reading. Finally, neither of the two will help if a criminal gets their hands on your device IRL, not without Private Browser’s Local Protection feature.

It is when encryption, routing through a VPN, and local protection combine that you get yourself an invisible browser. Are you ready for this?


See Now Why You Need an Invisible Browser?

Every site you access without Private Browser protection, every search request you make brings you closer to deanonymization. Prevent this, download Private Browser and get 7-day free trial!