Best Free Private Browser App

Private Browser by KeepSolid is your perfect choice for secure web surfing. Try the app with our 7-day free trial and check for yourself.

What is a Free Private Web Browser and How to Get It

This is the same incognito application developed by KeepSolid team that you can use for absolutely free during our trial period. The only requirement for getting our free private VPN browser is to be a new user of our software. Unlimited access to our application is free for a whole 7 days!

Our team strives to fulfill all your expectations and that’s why during a trial period we provide our new users with the whole set of our premium features. While using our free private browser, you will remain completely anonymous and trackable. So, are you ready to start your secure browsing? Let’s do it together!

Why Use Private Browser by KeepSolid

1. To become invisible on the web for FREE

This is your unique opportunity to start your anonymous online journey for absolutely free. Grab your 7-day trial period and experience all the security and privacy features with Private Browser.

2. To browse anonymously

Thanks to our free private VPN browser, your real IP address will be completely hidden and encrypted. No unauthorized third-party will be able to access your online traffic or track your activity.

3. To protect your private information

In order to provide you with a complete data protection, our team has implemented a highly secure AES-256 encryption. Such encryption ensures that no cyber criminal access your data. Local protection for your device included.

4. To bypass geo-restrictions

Enjoy online freedom with Private Browser by KeepSolid. Connect to any needed VPN server from our list and don’t let any geo-restrictions stop you from experiencing your favorite content.

Key Features of Our Free Private Incognito Browser

Hides your physical location

Unlimited speed

Premium list of rock-solid VPN servers

Strong encryption methods

Reliable local protection

Light and Dark themes

No-log policy

24/7 customer support

How to Start Using Private Browser for Free


Download Private Browser for free in App Store or Play Market


Sign in to our security app


Connect to any VPN server from our premium list


Begin your secure journey for absolutely free!



Free Download Private Browser by KeepSolid

Experience anonymous and secure browsing during our 7-day free trial period. Try the app now and let us safeguard your online traffic from cyber criminals.