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Protect your devices from cyber-attacks while working from cafes or hotels

People are so used to free Wi-Fi connection that sometimes they fail to think twice before putting themselves in danger of unprotected connection. The reason that public Wi-Fi became a major threat lies in unsafe use of various financial and social media accounts. Accessing private accounts or sending personal medical information to the doctor can be easily intercepted. Whether it is personal data or information related to user’s identity, the cyber criminals became real experts in establishing false Wi-Fi networks to trick people into using it like a legitimate public location. That is why there is a need to use only secure WiFi access through VPN Unlimited service. To protect yourself from unwanted private information loss or identity theft, use VPN Unlimited. VPN service will protect all input/output data through the use of powerful encryption technology. When using a secure WiFi connection, the user can be sure that his personal information, passwords and credit card numbers are guaranteed to be 100% protected. With the use of secure VPN Unlimited service, there is no need to get terrified by the monthly reports on cybercriminal attacks as potential fraudsters are unable to trace or intercept the encrypted data from VPN app. If for some reason you prefer the secured online surfing experience, but yet hesitate to try VPN Unlimited, you are more than welcome to use Private Browser that is available for free download.

    VPN Unlimited Service

  • Encrypts network traffic data sent on WiFi
  • Guarantees WiFi security at the airports, hotels, coffee shops, etc.
  • Provides protected and anonymous browsing only
  • Is compatible with all major OS platforms – Mac OS X, MS Windows, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Gives full Internet access with unlimited Internet connection speed and bandwidth

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