Protect your
personal data

How to remain untraceable on the Internet

Personal data protection is the number one priority these days due to numerous cyber threats on the Internet. VPN Unlimited is built to protect you from all the cyber dangers and secure your sensitive data. If you ask any online security expert today how to protect yourself from the dangers of using regular Internet or open WiFi hotspots, he will suggest you use VPN service, Virtual Private Network. Close to 30% of Internet global users choose to protect their sensitive data through the use of VPN. People, who typically think in a way “I don’t have any important data on my smartphone or notebook, so nobody is going to hack my electronic device to get something valuable from it”, usually, these people get into trouble. Today, cyber criminals are very smart and they will find ways how to use your sensitive data, make money from it and cause substantial damage.

If you choose to use VPN Unlimited service, you ensure that all data that is stored and sent from your device is safe. Aside from getting the most affordable prices for the VPN Unlimited service, you will ensure that all of the digital communication is done securely. VPN Unlimited uses a unique technology to generate 100% guaranteed secure encryption. As VPN app generates an authentic encryption and sends all input/output data through secured tunnels, the interception is simply impossible and pointless. VPN service is absolutely vital to be used not only at your home, but for public WiFi too. VPN Unlimited has gained a vast audience of customers thanks to its unlimited Internet connection speed and bandwidth. KeepSolid Inc. offers a powerful security tool with access to a wide range of global VPN servers, and powerful encryption technology. It is worth to mention that VPN Unlimited service customer audience continues to grow fast. Customers, who take their online privacy and anonymity seriously, choose Private Browser by KeepSolid, a unique web surfing solution that uses encryption at its application core that is similar to technology offered by VPN Unlimited.