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Be 100% sure about who has access to what you share

In the dangers of today’s cyber threats, it is easy for criminals to intercept any data and make a good use of it. Majority of online users, who neglect to use web security tools, believe their electronic devices do not contain any valuable information. But they are wrong. The statistics show ever-growing number of cyber-criminal activities as well as expanding number of free eavesdropping and online sniffing tools and anyone can download and access. A user will never know if he is being watched or his electronic device has been hacked. The use of public WiFi hotspots puts in danger person’s vulnerable data. Needless to say that identity theft has become common these days and it is your obligation to protect yourself and prevent even the slightest possibility of that happening.

It means that every user’s action like surfing the web, medical data exchange, online banking, task list sharing, sending important documents, communication with co-workers should be performed through encrypted channels only. If you choose to use secure tools like VPN Unlimited or Private Browser by KeepSolid to share your information, it means that you are 100% sure about who will access to what you share.

  • VPN Unlimited offers the ultimate online protection through the use of powerful encryption technology and access to a huge number of VPN servers located worldwide.
  • Private Browser allows you to surf the web completely anonymously and ensures that all of your input/output data and web searches are safe and secure

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