SmartDNS Withdraws Indian Servers Due to Indian Government Data Policiеs

SmartDNS Withdraws Indian Servers Due to Indian Government Data Policies
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SmartDNS regrets to announce that all Indian servers will be closed on June 22, 2022, due to new Cyber Security Directions by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team. 

According to these regulations, Virtual Private Server (VPS) providers, Cloud Service providers, VPN service providers, and government organizations will be bound to store the personal data of their users: names, emails, IP addresses, KYC records, and financial transactions within five years and submit them to Indian Government on demand. 

We understand that our Indian users have always been loyal to us and used our application to enjoy the best video content available like Hotstar, Hulu, Disney+, etc. But the ultimate nature of the new Indian Law forces us to shut down Indian servers. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the constancy of the supported regions, just as we have never asked for extra fees for newly-opened regions. 

We are deeply concerned about the Indian political course and disregard for original human values. But we are optimistic about the right of Indian people to such essential principles of the human being as free communication and free access to information. These aspects have always been the cornerstone of all our activities. 

SmartDNS developed by KeepSolid has always been a part of the company’s global mission to provide safe and secure solutions with great respect to the personal data of its customers. We have also used the best security and privacy technologies and have never logged users’ details or activity and have never shared their sensitive data with third parties. So we are looking forward to possible changes in one of the largest world democracies and hope for the soonest cooperation. 

June 20, 2022

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