Warrant Canary

We at KeepSolid strive to become the absolutely entrusted service for our customers. As a part of our strategy we are transparent about the received governmental requests regarding our VPN Unlimited service. Now we are publishing our quarterly Warrant Canary, declaring that we had not received requests from government or law enforcement agencies to disclose information about our customers.

Any personal information you provide to us remains private. We do not sell, rent, or give away any of your personal information without your preliminary consent.

We have never done:

  • VPN Unlimited has never saved any SSL keys or our customers.
  • VPN Unlimited has never created any backdoor on our network.
  • VPN Unlimited has never terminated a customer or taken down content due to political pressure.
  • VPN Unlimited has never provided any information about our customers’ content transiting our network to any third party.

As of January 1st, 2017, no warrants have been served to KeepSolid Inc. or KeepSolid Inc.’s employees for the last quarter. No searches or seizures of any kind have been performed on KeepSolid Inc. and\or VPN Unlimited assets for the last quarter.