Safe And Secure Browsing Experience: We Have A Solution

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Internet is a primary source of communication, work, leisure and education today. You search the Internet, use your credit card information to make purchases, do online banking and use social networks. Web browser knows a lot of information about you, but it never stops there. Your web browser tells others about you. Most cases, you are not aware of many things going on behind the scenes. Regular browsers with their security add-ons offer very little privacy, yet you can still have a 100% safe online browsing experience with Private Browser completely free.


If you are looking for a ways to preserve your online anonymity, keep private websites you visit, ensure secure online shopping experience, enjoy ads free surfing and be hidden from malicious tracking cookies, use our Private Browser.

A revolutionary application, Private Browser is available completely free of charge to use on iOS platform (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). There are no equivalents to the browser as it uses a special technology similar to VPN Unlimited. Private Browser is the only application that allows connecting to a whole variety of global servers, located on all continents. A major privacy tool, the app offers a number of features and can be used in secure and non-secure mode.

Key Features

  • Browser Protection with the use of powerful encryption methods
  • Easy global server selection
  • Individual application access with pass code or pattern lock
  • Clear-all-browsing-data feature
  • Output/Input data encryption
  • Access to territory-restricted content
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