How Do We Ensure that Our Clients Truly Benefit from Our Customer Support?

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Customer Support - KeepSolid BlogHi there! My name is Anastasiya and I’m a Customer Success Manager at KeepSolid. I work with some of our first-rate products, and it is a great pleasure for me to provide our clients with a possibility to leave feedback and to take part in our products’ development. The success and satisfaction of customers is always our main focus. Today I, on behalf of our support team, would like to tell you more about our work.

We will explain what an essential role our department plays for customers and how to grant them the best support experience. Also, we will share our customer service principles, examples of how user feedback helped us improve our products, and much more, so stay tuned!

What’s in it for our clients?

KeepSolid has a wide product portfolio which consists of all sorts of VPN solutions for business, security softwares for your personal needs, and even productivity applications. The latter include KeepSolid Sign, VPN Unlimited, Roadmap Planner, Private Browser, etc. For this reason, we understand all too well that when you pay for our products, especially for long term, year+ subscriptions, you invest in us more than money. You also contribute your time and entrust us with your privacy and efficiency.

Considering all that, it’s natural for you to expect top-tier service and professional customer support from us in return. Which we readily deliver! Unlike some corporations that make reaching their support department quite an ordeal, we ensure that our clients can easily contact us if needed. That’s why, with our multi-channel 24/7 customer support, we have an average first reply time of merely 30-40 minutes. Besides, we always welcome verbal communication with clients, be it via phone, Skype, or other means preferable for users. Not to mention that we have a wide array of manuals which help customers quickly figure out answers to most common questions.

But, we go even further by proactively reaching our users and anticipating their requests. How so? Well, for this purpose we have a special customer success department, of which I am proud to be a member of. Its task is to contact our current (and sometimes, even potential) users on certain occasions like special events, beta test invitations, launch of new products, etc. This department allows for a more personalized communication, which benefits both our clients and us, the company.

What’s in it for us?

Customer success department is also responsible for gathering individual users’ feedback and suggestions.  Sometimes, this happens during specially arranged events such as focus group research. Customer Support - KeepSolid BlogOther times, this may come in a form of an unexpected customer’s idea while discussing some unrelated question. 

In any case, such suggestions are then thoroughly collected to be submitted for consideration during the next meeting with team lead, marketers, and developers. After that, regardless of whether or not the idea is accepted, we always inform the user who proposed it of the results. If the suggestion is approved, we add it to our backlog for future use. This may sound like a chore to some, but in practice such procedure is a great way to ensure that the features you implement are what users actually want.

Allow us to illustrate our point with some examples:

“Dear developers! Are you sure this app is good without resource planning? How can it be? Please make possibility to plan resources.”

This is the comment that made us think about the feature – resource planning – that we’ve never considered prior to it. So we added it, feeling certain that this feature is demanded and enhances user experience.

“I am waiting for the export as CSV feature but the app is definitely getting better with every update.”

This time was a bit different – we were previously considering this feature, but weren’t sure if it’s that useful. Again, soon after receiving this comment we have implemented the ability to export CSV to our app.

“Zoom tool (top, center) is not totally useless, but neither is it useful. There have been many intelligent ways to focus a specific time range in a multitude of applications. This is not one of them.”

This feedback made us realize a certain flaw that wasn’t apparent to us, yet turned out to be quite obvious for a fresh eye. Naturally, we have changed our zoom feature to a more convenient one.

Our customer success principles

When you speak to our customer success department, you would probably like to know what kind of person you’re talking to, right? Well, to acquaint you with them a bit, allow us to introduce you the customer support ethos that all of our agents follow inviolately.

  1. Favor verbal communication by phone, Skype, etc. over text. The former is more convenient for users and allows for a more personalized conversation.
  2. Suggest customers to pass a survey once their request is processed.  This is vital for improving the quality of your service and make it up to users’ needs.
  3. Customer Support - KeepSolid BlogDesign all the suggestions/instructions as clearly as possible. It is important to show users the easiest way to understand a product or to solve an issue.
  4. Admit the problem and be the first person with whom the user will communicate in case of problems or dissatisfaction.
  5. Never give unfeasible completion timescales and always meet the promised deadlines.
  6. Be honest – if something can’t be done, tell the truth, and explain the reasons, of course.
  7. Apply proactive approach and keep the customer updated on the progress of his request.

In conclusion, we are immensely proud that over 7 million users have chosen our products. If you are among them, we are truly grateful to you, it is an honor and a responsibility, and we are eager to live up to your trust. And if you haven’t joined a close-knit KeepSolid family yet… Then what are you waiting for?

Check out our product line, choose the solution that best suits your needs, and allow professionals enhance your life!

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