“Will Your Startup Live in 5 Years?” – KeepSolid is Announcing a Free Webinar about Strategic Planning

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webinar strategic planningA startup trying to get their first hundred customers and a multibillion corporation aiming to expand its business to another continent – what do they have in common? The answer is simple – they both require strategic planning to succeed. Strategic business planning sets overarching targets and organizes vague intentions into specific goals with a clear path towards them.

Why is a strategic plan so important? There are two main reasons. First, it gives you and your team a clear set of tasks to complete instead of an ambiguous “let’s get there somehow”. A clear-cut strategy is important for both subordinates and superiors. Former work more efficiently when they understand what is expected of them. The latter will benefit from being able to consult with a blueprint when analyzing the direction a company moves, thus getting rid of choice paralysis.

Second, a strategic plan is important for a retrospect. Without it, you have to act blindfolded, you don’t know which direction to take. Sure, you might happen to stumble upon the right path by chance. But as soon as the business environment changes and your company has to adjust, you will not be able to properly analyze your experience and reflect on it. You will never understand where did you go right and how to repeat the success, neither will you see your mistakes and know how to avoid them.

It’s due to these reasons that KeepSolid has decided to launch a free 60-minute webinar and share some up-to-date information and useful tips on strategic planning. You will learn how to maximize your business performance and how to feel confident about your future. We believe that, in a global economy, when one company prospers – everyone benefits.

“Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.” – Robert Noyce

How will our webinar help you?

“Will your startup live in 5 years” is specifically adapted for emerging companies. Our experienced speakers will share their knowledge on multiple important aspects of business planning. These will include:

  • Principles and techniques of strategic planning and their practical application
  • Examples of successful and failed business strategies
  • Benefits you get from correct implementation of a business strategy

During the presentation, the speakers will use our top-notch strategy-building tool Roadmap Planner to ensure you get the most authentic planning experience.

Who will benefit from our event?

1.  Entrepreneurs with little to no experience in strategic planning who wish to start their own business.
2.  Managers interested in how to reach high-level goals without distracting from day-to-day activities.
3.  Business owners who would like to scale their operations and have their business future under control.

Who will not benefit from our event?

1.  Low-level managers with no access to strategic planning process.
2.  Technical staff.
3.  Owners of large successful businesses with their strategic plans set and working as intended.

Are you interested? Register for the webinar now and tune in on August 16th, 2017 at 11 AM (GMT-4) or August 17th at 12 PM (CET). Please note that the number of seats is limited.

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