What Does Your Costume Say About You? Contest.

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Halloween is definitely here and you have to make the right choice for your costume to make Halloween 2014 unforgettable and fun! But did you know that your spooky outfit says a lot about your personality? A Halloween costume is “a window on your soul”, and everyone can see right through it! At Simplex Solutions, we did a little bit of research and observation. We have interviewed what our staff thinks about certain costumes and this is what we have come up with. Also, one of the best Halloween features is to go around the area where you live and take dozens of photos of your happy dressed up kids, spooky husband or extremely adorable wife, masked into zombies friends or welcoming vampire looking neighbors. Use Sync Photos To Storage or free Photo Transfer WiFi as these simple-to-use yet brilliant apps will help you to upload your photos from your camera, phone, iPad to desktop fast!


Note: The main idea that stands behind the selection of your costume lies in the ability to become somebody you are not or should we say that you are allowed to expand to certain behaviors forbidden in our day-to-day life.

Announcing Halloween Photo Contest

Take photos of yourself or family dressed in Halloween costumes, and the best pictures will be rewarded. Owners of the best 10 photos will get free 6-month subscription of Sync Photos To Storage. Please, send your photos to [email protected]. The contest will last until November the 8th, 2014!

Vital Halloween Facts

  • We are allowed to express only 20% of our real personality in the official workplace (ouch!) that’s we love;
  • Parents face conforming to a greater number of standards, yet Halloween allows them become more playful and show irresponsible inner child’s behavior.
  • Black and Orange are the official colors of the holiday. Jack o’Lanterns originated in Ireland.
  • Halloween takes its roots in the Irish Celtic Samhain festival dedicated to the end of the harvest season.
  • Back in the days, holiday was brought to North America by European immigrants. Originally, the fest was celebrated around a bonfire where luscious ghost stories were told along with singing and dancing.
  • In Europe, the ancient Celts believed that on that day the ghosts were spread out and ruled the countryside. On Halloween night, people dressed in scary ghost costumes and masks, so the phantoms will not mistake them for humans.
  • In the USA, over $7.5 billion dollars are spent on one-night Halloween attributes: costumes, candy ($2 billion) and spooky decorations.
  • Halloween is the 2nd commercially successful holiday after Christmas.
  • Chocolate candy bars are considered to be the top treat with Snickers to be #1.

What’s Your Story? (Whispering “We know what your costume says about you…”)

Dressing like a well-known celebrity – means that you possess a sense of popularity power. There is a hidden passion or dream of becoming rich, popular and powerful. If this urge has been fulfilled, then your personality is intact. If you believe that this side of yours has not been used yet, it wise to come up with some kind of hobby where you can express yourself creatively (acting classes, karaoke singing, screening for movies, voice training, etc.)

Overly Sexy Costume – implies expressing the repressed sexuality. Well, you have to be careful with those because showing too much of your skin will not have a positive impact on your popularity. Keep in mind that overly provocative outfits such as sexy witches, vampires, nurses, Goth Girls, Girl Scouts sometimes may express the faulty body image.

Scary characters including monsters, killer-clowns – is an ability to express your dark side of your personality (without feeling any guilt or embarrassment for who you really are). If a beautiful female wears an ugly mask, this tells about her inner confidence and healthy sense of humor.

Cartoon or comic book character costumes – shows that you are full of playful attitude (yet, in real life you are all about being serious and responsible). There is nothing wrong with being cheerful and playful, but may we suggest that you will allow yourself a tiny bit of more fun that will have a positive impact on your career and personal/family life.

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