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KeepSolid Privacy Policy Update – Polished and Transparent for Your Benefit

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For us at KeepSolid, your privacy and personal data integrity are paramount. That’s why, when we started receiving more requests from our users to clarify some aspects of our Privacy Policy, it got clear that improvements were in order.

Finally, after some meticulous work on our part, we’re ready to present to you the updated KeepSolid Privacy Policy. What has changed, and how will this affect you? Keep reading and find out!

How Will Privacy Policy Update Affect KeepSolid Users?

First and foremost, one thing should be made perfectly clear: we are not changing our privacy practices. How we treat users’ privacy and personal data remains the same. We’re only changing the wording of our Privacy Policy to make it more transparent and convenient for you.

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New and Updated Clauses of KeepSolid Privacy Policy

For maximum understanding of our updated Privacy Policy, we highly recommend you to review it here. But to quickly make sense of the updates, here are the key points we’ve changed:

  1. The biggest rework revolves around KeepSolid’s no-logging policy. It’s now clearly explained that we do not log any of your personal data, including internet activities, IP address, connection type, etc.
  2. Consequently, this means that your internet activities can never be tied to your real identity during your VPN Services sessions.
  3. It’s now explicitly stated that KeepSolid users’ personal data is NEVER shared, transferred, sold, rented, or disclosed to any third parties.

We’ve clarified the term “Services” to include all KeepSolid’s products, services, websites, apps, software, and documentation.

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  1. Outstanding update and article regarding “the how” and” the why”. I am extremely confident in KeepSolid Inc., abilities to protect my user data. All of the features and clarity a top tier VPN vendor offers, bundled in the best VPN application I have ever used. Keep up the excellent work.

    • Hey Norman,

      Great to hear your feedback! Protection of our users’ data and privacy is in the core of our mission. And we’ll always keep this high standard and strive to make our services even better for you.

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