Plan your business and private life wisely with To Do Checklist and Roadmap Planner

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If you think that you have reached the limits of your productivity, think again. Emails and tweets can eat up your entire day, occasional meeting or negotiations can disorient you or cause key tasks slip your memory. Don’t despair. KeepSolid has a solution that will help you to work out a strategy for your business and private life, and not to deviate from it. We offer a duet of the To Do Checklist and Roadmap Planner apps.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, a household manager, a corporate employee, or a freelancer, these planning tools are the best choice to stay organized and not to miss a point. Now, you need only few clicks to plan and handle your daily tasks, and few taps to develop a business strategy for years ahead.

Keep your strategy on target

Every project needs to be thoroughly planned out. The best solution to start planning is to create a roadmap with all the processes your team needs to fulfill in order to achieve clearly defined goals. This is where Roadmap Planner is able to help.

Our service allows you to plan a company strategy and present it to colleagues with just a few clicks of a button. It is crucial to be certain that every participant of the team has the same vision for the targeted goals. This will help to avoid feeling that a team is shooting at a moving target.

With our productivity tool you can:
– see all the processes of your project at once, i.e. to look at the business as a whole
– have a broad overview of your milestones
– observe whether a business line is winding down, smooth running, or moving into a new market
– correct the course if necessary

The flexibility of Roadmap Planner allows you to instantly react to any changes that may occur all along the way to your goals achievement.

Well-planned list of daily tasks saves your time

If you need to plan more precise tasks on a daily basis, indicating responsible parties and the exact timing, use To Do Checklist. It is a completely free planning app that allows you to create prompt tasks and instantly share them with your team via e-mail and Facebook. Our collaboration tool helps each team member to focus on what needs to be done, to build a new organizational habit, and to promote personal productivity by many times.

Besides your business tasks planning, you can schedule and manage your personal plans, including wedding, shopping, vacation, and fitness activities. For easier navigation, it is possible to divide your private life and work by grouping all your tasks in corresponding task lists.

This app becomes handy when you have to remind something to yourself. It supports time and location-based reminders. With our planning solution, you will be able to handle numerous tasks with ease.

Plan, organize and visualize

Roadmap Planner and To Do Checklist both have the right mix of features that will make it easy for you to stay organized, and plan not only strategic tasks for your business projects but your weight loss program as well. This is pretty awesome.

Make sure you’re really doing something that helps you be more productive. Find your focus and keep it with us.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please contact us at [email protected]. We are always here to help you all along the way.


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