KeepSolid Phones frees you from pesky real estate salesmen

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Real_Estate_for_sale_sign_insert_via_bigstockThere are countless of cases where people wish to maintain a distance between themselves and the people they’re communicating with. However, it becomes almost impossible when you need to disclose your personal contact details. The solution is KeepSolid Phones, a smart tool that gives you a comprehensive privacy and identity protection for this reality.

Avoid thousands of calls about nothing

Let’s say you are going to rent an apartment or sell off your property. You can route it through a real estate agent or an online website. This will give exposure for your offer to a large audience. Though, there is the other side of the story. If you decide to use the power of internet, you have to post your contact details, including your phone number, online. This can lead to numerous tiresome calls for weeks after the deal was effected. Of course, you can go and delete all information on all resourses you posted. Lucky you if you posted it only on Facebook or one website. If you tried to spread it as widely as possible and asked your friends to help you, it will be more difficult. Moreover, some pragmatic agents or thrird party traders may save your contact details to spam you with useless information, offers and deals later on.

Not to let this happen, KeepSolid Phones offers you a reliable way out. Now, you can create a disposable untraceable phone number just for the period you are doing your business, and destroy your virtual number anytime you are done using it.

Our top-notch app adds an extra layer between you and the caller, thus becoming a shield that allows you to keep your personal mobile number private. It is the simplest way to avoid being spammed by the real estate agencies and annoying telemarketers, who are not going to leave you alone.Throwaway phone number is a priceless solution.

There is a huge expansion in everyday situations where it makes sense to use one-off phone numbers, especially given the growth of online marketplace services. Therefore, it is hard to put a price on the ability to create unlimited temporary numbers whatever you need them for, and dispose them at any point. This is all possible with KeepSolid Phones.

Don’t let them unnerve you anymore. Get a 7-day free trial and try all the advantages of being stealthy for yourself.

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