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Many users rightfully want to distance themselves from third parties, marketers or hackers detecting their browsing habits as far as possible. We all have the right to protect and keep private our sensitive information, as well as our personal communications. But how to stop this outlaw violation of our privacy right?

screen322x572-7Private Browser is a revolutionary web surfing solution for iOS that uses powerful methods of encryption, ensuring high-grade online security. This means that your web activity will be safe and hidden from the prying eyes.

If you want to browse the internet fast with all advantages of anonymity, security and data protection, Private Browser is just what you need. This is an absolutely free full functional browser that uses proxy technology over VPN servers and allows you to surf the web without giving away your identity.

Breaking the cyber wall

Do you need to use a social network, like Facebook or Twitter, at work for your personal browsing, but your office policy restricts the access to it? Or, are you a frequent traveler and want to share your experience with friends or Vine or YouTube even from countries with strict internet censorship? Just login to your KeepSolid account and select any server from our list. That’s it. Now, our reliable privacy tool will hide your online activity, giving you a free access to any restricted or blocked website.

Private Browser has just become even better, while still free

We have recently updated Private Browser to make our users browsing experience even smoother and more secure. Download the 1.6 version of our app and enjoy stability improvements and bug fixes. Plus, now you can use Touch ID for improved local protection of the app.

Start your unlimited and secure browsing right away!

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