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With a great number of apps and services promising ultimate online security, users are often left punished as they fail to recognize the true online protection from the ‘fake’ one. The truth is, web browsers are built to know everything about you, track your online activity and record all the searches. The information is stored for at least 20 years. Internet is filled with numerous web browsers with additional privacy add-ons, but there is a special category of browsers with one goal of securing user’s online privacy and anonymity. Private Browser, made by our company Keep Solid Inc., former Simplex Solutions Inc., is the type of the ultimate online surfing solution that enables to keep your privacy intact. Today, we are thrilled to announce that a renewed 1.2 version of Private Browser for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) with enhanced app stability and minor bug fixes has been released. We would like to remind you that the app is completely free to use and is available for download from the App Store.

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Why Chose Private Browser?

Private Browser is your ultimate online protection tool. It allows anonymous surfing. As soon as you select a secure mode, the powerful encryption will start its hidden data input and output process. Your computer will display a different IP address. The technology in the app is similar to unlimited VPN service, i.e. powerful and secure. Choose from a whole variety of global servers and gain access to the content that interests you the most, or travel and stay connected with your favorite shows. All web surfing is completely anonymous.

What offers the Latest Private Browser Version?

Our professional team has done everything to deliver the quality update. We have performed minor bug fixes and have dramatically enhanced app stability. Now, online secure surfing has become even easier and faster, yet all vulnerable enabled-to-be-stolen information stays protected from unwanted prying eyes.

Key Features of New Version of Private Browser:

  • Ultimate built-in protection
  • Powerful methods of encryption
  • Supports the latest iOS 8
  • Enhanced app stability
  • Access to a full list of global servers
  • Local protection: pattern lock, password, pass code availability
  • Fast connection speed
  • Access to territory-restricted content
  • Easy-to-use app design
  • Bookmarks, history, full screen
  • Google Default Search Engine
  • Input/output data encryption
  • Convenient tab bar website preview
  • Minor bug fixes

When it comes to online security, there are several best methods: VPN Unlimited app and the Private Browser. Both applications offer ultimate online protection with the goal to sustain your online privacy 24/7 – seven day a week.

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