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Psychologists say that when we try to work out a new habit and discipline ourselves, we may get interrupted. Today, we present you special yet simple method from our company’s leading HR that will help you greatly contribute to disciplining yourself. The method is easy to sustain if you use To Do Checklist app. It will help you increase productivity dramatically! With the help of the method, you will discipline yourself with Finding YOUR FOCUS not distraction.


You will find yourself across your life doing more positive things like exercising, eating healthy, communicating with people you like the most, writing your blog, come up with new innovative ideas at work, meditating, cooking with pleasure, decorating your home, etc. And To Do Checklist app is ready to help with all-mentioned above activities.

How to introduce a new habit?

There are the so-called future and present selves. They have different interests and visions how your life should be. They both may seek to increase your productivity, but they will do it differently and their to do lists will be different.

Example. If you wish to apply new eating habit, yet you see a cinnamon roll that you crave.  You will eat it to regret it later.

  • To identify the problem we always run into a dilemma whether your future self wins or your present self.
  • The experts say there is no right or wrong.
  • Playing with your “both” selves will enable you to benefit today and in the future.

Why Your Present Self wins?

The present self usually controls the actions and interest that are of greatest importance to you. The future self controls your future that you wish to choose.

How to Get Focus instead of Distraction?

So imagine you are about to follow your New Year’s resolution, but you can’t find the time to get to the gym. The cause is – your present self is interfering with you future self. Their different priorities get into fight. If you wish to get into gym this week, use To Do Checklist to create a task. Also, you may invite a friend and send her a shared task through email or Facebook. See, now you have the double motivation to get to gym!


How to Connect your Present and Future Selves?

  1. Think about your future self. Find out what it wants. If you choose not to go to the gym, then you will be stuck with extra weight and not feeling gorgeous in store’s changing room.
  2. Consider your present self. Analyze it. If it is the pastry you want, then the consequences are what they are. If your present self wishes you to be more healthy, fit and successful, then your list of actions will include eating more vegetables (Right this very moment: take your To Do Checklist app, and create a task to go for groceries today, set a few reminders to structure your day to get veggies). Remember, compromising may not be as beneficial if you set a goal to loose these extra pounds.
  3. MERGE INTERESTS of your Present and Future selves. If your future and present self had different interests, will they be capable to work out a plan? (See if they can relate to each other as very good friends). For example, you’ve eaten vegetables all week, went to the gym twice, and you want to eat this delicious pastry. Go and have it because you deserved it!

While you read this blog post, we want you to think about the fact that you have a lot in your life to be thankful for. Majority of things that you have today were achieved by your hard work and discipline. So we ask you, would you dare to embark on a new ‘positive habit’ journey to be even more healthy, organized or successful? Use To Do Checklist to increase your productivity levels to stay as happy as you can be and be the best of yourself today and every day!

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