Is Roadmap Planner Basically a Tool for Presentations?

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We receive a lot of priceless feedback from our clients and are extremely grateful to all of you for it. Today, we’d like to address one recurring theme from your messages. It seems that some of Roadmap Planner users tend to see it as “kind of PowerPoint” and use it only as a mean of simple visualization to present their strategy to their stakeholders. However, while that is obviously one way to use our app, it’s definitely not the only one. And we are going to illustrate our point with this article!

First add some context

Before we get to the point, let’s define some concepts that are crucial for today’s discussion: what is Strategic Plan, what is Goal Visualization, and what is Roadmap.

Strategic Plan is a long-term definition of a direction that an organization or a person is heading, as well as the decisions they need to make and resources they need to use to reach the destination.

Goal Visualization is a way to simplify the achievement of set targets by making them more transparent and the path to them more clear. Without it strategic plan is merely an idea, with no understanding of how to reach one.

Roadmap is a tool for visualizing your goals and communicating the strategic plan. It should represent a high level overview of goals and projects and be free of minutiae.

Now that we have agreed on the concepts, it’s time to see why Roadmap Planner is so much more than a mere presentation app.

Back to the topic

To better illustrate potential uses of our app (and perhaps to give you some inspiration), here are some examples of real-life situations you might find yourself in.

You’re an entrepreneur…

For a start, imagine you have spent hours creating a near perfect roadmap for your startup project with PowerPoint and are now presenting it to your stakeholders. Then, all of a sudden, they have some amendments and corrections. Yeah, who knew, right? So what are you going to do now, try to remember it all? Or write it all down on some sheet of paper, hoping you won’t lose it? Well, with the Roadmap Planner’s on-the-go editing you can easily modify your roadmap right during the presentation. And for all those sounds-nice-I’ll-consider-it ideas, there is a neat Backlog feature that allows you to organize and store them in a convenient and intuitive way.

You’re a Project Manager…

Next, let’s say you’re a PM in a large software company and are currently developing a new product. With all the departments involved and multiple processes going on at the same time, you will soon find out it’s a real pain to keep yourself updated about every aspect of the development. In this situation, it’s very common to mess up and present to your superiors an outdated or even altogether false information. Thankfully, Roadmap Planner supports the Collaboration feature, allowing you to share your roadmap project with other stakeholders, letting you all manage it simultaneously as a team. Thus, you will always have the most up-to-date information about the overall state of affairs.

You’re a Vice-President…

Finally, let your imagination draw another picture. You are a VP of a company and you’re about to take a flight to New York to meet with your shareholders. Your company isn’t doing too well and you know the shareholders will not be happy with your report. Then suddenly, your assistant calls and happily reports about an important contract your company has just signed that will certainly put things right for you. It would be awesome to add this information to a presentation you’ve prepared via online services. But, unfortunately, there is no internet connection during the flight and you know you won’t have enough time for this afterwards. Fortunately, with Roadmap Planner, you can easily edit projects both online and offline. In the latter case, all the changes you’ve made offline will be updated for your team as soon as internet connection becomes available again.


We hope this piece helps you uncover the whole potential of Roadmap Planner. Of course, we haven’t mentioned every aspect of it, but hopefully we’ve provided you with some ideas and awakened your imagination.

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