Roadmap Planner is Now on iOS with Tons of New Features!

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banner_blog_vpnWe are happy to announce a long sought-after release of Roadmap Planner for iOS together with a major update for macOS. Now you don’t need to stop working on your roadmaps while on the go. With our new features, you can instantly synchronize your documents through all your devices, and keep developing a strategy for your company, or prioritizing new features for your product anytime and anywhere. This update also allows you to instantly share your vision with colleagues – by joint efforts, you can quicker and more accurately decide a priority of tasks and steps to reach the successful result.

Download the app for absolutely FREE, and try all new features during a 21-day trial period. This update that includes synchronization, collaboration, and more benefits will definitely help to improve productivity and the overall workflow of your team.

Note: After a trial period, you may continue working with the basic functionality for free, or upgrade your plan to get all benefits back.

Share your roadmap for better results

Our team believes that uniting a team around a clearly defined strategy, and making sure everyone understands the whole picture is a key to achieving stable success. That’s why we have built a collaboration feature that facilitates easy sharing of documents.

Now you are able to avoid a multi-step process of saving a new document, exporting it to PDF, attaching to an email, and finally adding recipients. Also, you will escape the negative consequences of this process when your important plans and updates get lost in the bunch of other emails. With this update, you will easily solve these challenges and more.

Invite team members with whom you want to share the document, and they will never get stuck with the outdated info anymore. The document is always up-to-date and can be accessed and amended by users with proper permissions anytime.

We have taken care of the security question as well. Thanks to the high-grade encryption we use in our software, unauthorized users will be unable to reach your company data.

How to invite new users?

Here are a few easy steps that will help you to share your roadmap to your colleagues.

1. Go to your Account Settings and click Preferences


2. Go to the User tab and click Invite


Our new Collaboration feature makes sharing of your documents simple, giving you the possibility to spend more time assessing progress of your strategy, making a market research, and achieving goals.

More features to build, maintain, and present your roadmaps

In addition to Collaboration, we introduce you significant optimizations, improvements, and new opportunities, including Synchronization and Export to an image.


It is now possible to access your roadmap from all your devices, including iPhone and macOS. The sync process is performed through our personal secure servers. This will serve you to ensure that your sensitive information is totally safe, and hidden from the prying eyes.

Export to an image

If you are preparing for the showcase of your product, you can export the necessary data as an image, as well as PDF, and print it out for your colleagues and the board of directors. Choose the projects you need, and get handouts in just a few clicks.

Don’t waste your time! Experience the new Roadmap Planner now.



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