How To Go To Sleep Earlier With To Do Checklist

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It starts by thinking and what’s what difference could an extra hour sleep make in my life? But if we read what experts have to say about it, we will see in bed an hour earlier. The latest study showed it makes a big difference between “am I getting enough (7-8h) of sleep?” or “am I getting a little amount of sleep”. Unfortunately, the less amount of healthy sleeping will eventually affect you mood, weight and even sex life. So what is going to happen if you are getting less than the recommended seven or eight hours of sleep a night? Explore the following reasons in see if you are determined to get to bed an hour early tonight. You can use To Do Checklist to help you out tonight as you can set ongoing reminders that will help you to go to bed earlier!

Stress Management And Therapy

Main Reasons to go to Sleep earlier:

  1. Better health
  2. Lower risk of eating after dark
  3. Better mood
  4. Clear thinking
  5. Stronger immunity

What To Do?

  • Turn off all of your gadgets and devices 1 hour before bed, this way you will work out a habit of going to sleep on time. Set up a reminder on your To Do Checklist, you won’t miss it!
  • Use the timer that turns off the lights around the house. For example, you are laying in your bad reading a book, but the lights will go off automatically so you will have no other choice but put away your reading for tomorrow and go to sleep.
  • Use an alarm clock differently. We usually use an alarm to wake up. But why don’t we use it to go to bed too?
  • People around the globe fall asleep continuing to hold phones in their hands. We suggest you to cut off the time that you spend on watching the photos on Instagram or to postpone your chats. Go to bed earlier instead!

After doing all of the suggested above options, you’ll see that it’s you are adapting to a new positive habit. With time you will get used to the new rhythm of life and you will teach yourself to go to bed earlier.


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