Top News: Photo Transfer WiFi is now 100% FREE!

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Photo-transfer-FreeSync Photos Fast with New Free App

Simplex Solutions Inc. highly values their customers. We are thankful to you for choosing our products and services. Also, we understand that we live in a highly fast paced world, where taking photographs became a habit. At the same time, downloading the recently made photos regardless of selected electronic devices, computer platforms and file extensions, we believe that photo transfer should be simplified to its maximum. In addition, photo transfer should never be a headache again and it should be done fast. That’s why we have decided to offer our vast global customer audience a special ‘thank you’ gift and make the Photo Transfer WiFi a completely free app, to be used by anyone. Keep in mind, there is no need to place any orders or purchases.

Photo Transfer WiFi App Becomes 100% Free

There are numerous reasons why we have decided to make a perfect top-ranked Photo Transfer WiFi a free app.

  1. We would like to thank our loyal customers;
  2. We want to receive more clients’ feedback as to how we can improve our line of products and services;
  3. We aim to enlarge the app’s use and accessibility.
  4. We are determined to increase the app’s popularity.

Now you have the option of using Photo Transfer WiFi completely free. It’s crucial to point out that Photo Transfer WiFi does the photo & video syncing quickly. Regardless the amount of photos you wish to upload, the photo transfer will take you just minutes while you have a nice hot cup of coffee with your friend.

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