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OEM VPN Unlimited: What Is It and Why Is It Worth Your Attention?

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Hello there! If you’re new to our blog, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are KeepSolid team and since 2013 we have been developing productivity and security software. Our regular readers are probably familiar with our products such as KeepSolid Sign, Roadmap Planner, and Business VPN. But those are not all of our brainchildren.

We once told you how to improve your sales process, through the example of our OEM sales department. Yet, somehow, we’ve never told you about our VPN Unlimited OEM solutions in detail. It’s high time we changed it. So, what is OEM VPN Unlimited? Let’s check it out!

What is OEM VPN Unlimited?

First things first, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacture and it usually means a company that produces hardware and sells it to another company under a different brand name. But our realization of this concept is a bit broader. OEM VPN Unlimited business solutions are based on our most popular brainchild, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, and are perfect for those who work in the security segment, want to develop their own application, or just need to protect their office routers. Our 10 million satisfied customers trust us because of our 5-year experience in the cyber security industry, proficiency in data protection, and time-tested high-quality service.

OEM VPN Unlimited business solutions are perfect for those who work in the security segment, want to develop their own application, or just need to protect their office routers. Click To Tweet

There are 3 solutions that comprise OEM VPN Unlimited:

  1. OEM VPN Unlimited SDK (Software Development Kit). This is a security solution for companies that want to enhance their product with VPN software. Our software will protect sensitive data of your clients, make their actions untraceable, and give them access to any geo-blocked content. VPN Unlimited SDK makes a great addition to any product. Among our clients are developers of tourism apps, anti-malware software providers, messengers, telecommunication companies, etc.
  2. OEM Pug Wearing a Frog Costume.OEM VPN Unlimited White Label. This is a perfect opportunity for companies that want to sell their own VPN software without spending too much resources. Choosing our White Label product, you will get a fully-developed software, established infrastructure, 24/7 customer support, marketing advice, and flexible pricing. OEM software by KeepSolid is a really cost-effective security solution.
  3. OEM VPN Unlimited for Routers. A secure WiFi network is a must for any business, and that’s exactly what we offer to our customers. Our network protection provides users with an ultimate level of security to guard all their WiFi hotspots from cyber criminals.

KeepSolid awarded for OEM solutions

Our OEM business solutions have recently earned the coveted Great User Experience award for 2018 of FinancesOnline. This is an esteemed B2B software review platform, which also awarded KeepSolid Sign and Business VPN by KeepSolid in winter 2018. And today we are thrilled to receive this illustrious award for our OEM brainchild.

Scoring a premium 8.9 overall rating, VPN Unlimited OEM product is acknowledged by FinancesOnline as one of top 20 best VPN services in the industry. Their experts also discussed the benefits provided by the OEM solution in a detailed review.

They stated that our SDK allows for modification or creation of richer applications for internal use or for clients, while the Router API provides extremely secure network. Moreover, FinancesOnline also deemed our White Label a cost effective entry to the VPN industry. Remarking on our OEM pricing, FinancesOnline states that our clients save a grand amount of money. Basically, we handle all the essentials so you can focus on growing your VPN business.

FinancesOnline also awarded our OEM solutions with the Rising Star award in 2018 under their VPN services reviews, indicating that our users have been greatly satisfied with our security standards. There’s no better proof of the reliability and effectiveness of one’s services than their customers’ satisfaction.

Kickstart your business on the security market today with KeepSolid VPN Unlimited OEM!

OEM VPN Unlimited rewards

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