Press Room

Vasiliy Ivanov, CEO and Founder

Vasiliy Ivanov possesses over ten years of industry experience. He holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science and has a solid background in creating software products for both desktop and mobile platforms. In 2013, Vasiliy co-founded KeepSolid. Today he is concentrating on establishing the company’s strategy and furthering the development of the business. Quite often, Vasiliy comes up with ideas for new KeepSolid products when he faces some productivity problem in his day-to-day work life. He sees these problems not as roadblocks, but as challenges that can be solved easily with a service. Thanks to this approach, our products are very customer-oriented.

Being a charismatic leader and ideas generator, he encourages every team member to be ambitious and to continuously evolve. Vasiliy adopts innovative management methods to ensure synergism between the team members.

When he is not in the office, he enjoys extreme sports like snowboarding, wakeboarding and carting.

Vasyl Diakonov, CTO

Vasyl is in charge of the design and development of KeepSolid services and products. He is also responsible for core synchronization and encryption algorithms, and networking architecture. Vasyl holds a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering. He has extensive experience and a vast level of expertise in the IT field and is always eager for new knowledge and discovery. His interests are not limited to coding and development. When Vasyl thinks about the product, his first and foremost concern is about its value from a “people perspective.”

Vasyl spends his free time listening to the blues and playing the harmonica or whistle.

Igor Bidenko, CIO

Igor possesses a solid expertise in IT security and privacy. He also has in-depth knowledge of strategic planning and risk management. His activities for the company include market research, strategy development and leadership.

Igor enjoys taking the initiative and accepts challenging tasks without hesitation. He always delivers great results and never runs short of ideas. Being a hard-working professional, he always supports his team and helps motivate people, too. Thanks to his high level of both competence and persistence, he can solve nearly any problem.

His favorite activities are carting, cycling, yachting and travelling.

Andrew Mospan, Sales Director

Andrew is a software development industry enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in the field. He joined KeepSolid in 2013 in the role of Product and Marketing Manager. Before becoming a part of the KeepSolid team, he worked for a number of international IT companies, including Hewlett-Packard. He is responsible for sales and partnership development. His duties also include improving existing processes in order to bring the company to the next level of delivering the perfect customer experience.

Andrew is a balanced and responsible manager. It’s quite difficult to make him flare up. This helps him to stay focused and deliver timely services and solutions for our customers.

Out of the office, he enjoys spending time with his family and photography. His favorite mode of transport is his beach cruiser bike.

Yuriy Popov, Head of Customer Support

Yuriy is responsible for managing the technical support staff. He is also responsible for ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction with KeepSolid services and applications. Yuriy obtained his Master’s in Computer Systems and Networks Engineering.

Yuriy impresses with his erudition in answering both technical and routine questions. He is always ready to help with a word of advice. He interrogates each issue with special attention to detail, thus allowing him to always provide in-depth responses and useful tips.

He spends most of his free time having fun with his family and playing sports. His favorites are beach football, basketball and skiing.

Vitalii Kovalenko, Art Director

As an Art Director, Vitalii is responsible for the visual identity of the company and its products. He is an expert in user interface and user experience design with over seven years of industry experience. Vitalii aims to create high-quality and well-designed interfaces, which clearly convey their ideas to users and are user-friendly. As a perfectionist, he takes care to attend to every detail. Thus, his main evaluative criteria for artworks are precision and pixel perfection.

He obtained his Master’s in Interactive Design. He believes in being a “lifelong learner,” and every day he tries to learn something new in this field, which allows him to continue to blossom in his career.

Vitalii is artistic at work and athletic at play. He enjoys extreme sports like rock climbing and rope jumping. He is also keen on cycling and rollerblading.

Vira Maiuk, PR Manager

Vira joined KeepSolid in 2015. She is responsible for media relationships, press releases and media monitoring. She has over six years of experience in public relations. Vira obtained her Master’s in Philology.

While in school, Vira often dreamt of becoming a journalist. That is why she adores communicating with them and admires their work. Nothing makes her happier than reviewers who are happy with the products she pitches.

Vira’s passion for communications is matched only by her passion for fashion, psychology and travelling.