How to Set Up KeepSolid SmartDNS Proxy on Sharp Smart TV

Important notice before you change Sharp Smart TV DNS settingsĀ 

Before you make any changes to the DNS settings on your Sharp Smart TV, we recommend to make a note of your current settings. Write them down or just take a photo with your phone. You may need this information if you want to revert to your original settings later.Ā 

To unblock streaming services with our KeepSolid SmartDNS app, you have to register your IP address. Check out how to manage your IP address in the KeepSolid SmartDNS App and your KeepSolid User Office here.

Besides, we recommend you to block Google DNS servers ( and on your router, otherwise you may not be able to bypass geo-restrictions and access the desired content.Ā 

How to set up Sharp TV with KeepSolid SmartDNSĀ 

Itā€™s extremely easy! Proceed with your Sharp Smart TV setup and configure KeepSolid SmartDNS to unblock any content you want. Just follow the instruction below:Ā 

  1. Proceed to your Sharp TV Menu
  2. Select Initial Setup
  3. Navigate to Internet Setup
  4. Choose Network Setup
  5. Go to IP Setup and press Change
  6. Set the option Obtain IP automatically to Yes
  7. Press Next
  8. Set the option Obtain DNS automatically to No
  9. Enter the address of KeepSolid SmartDNS server: or
  10. Press Next and Finish.Ā 
  11. Restart your device for the changes to apply.Ā 

Note: Whenever your IP changes, our service will stop working for you. To avoid this, make sure to update your IP address via your User Office or KeepSolid SmartDNS app.Ā