Back To School: Take Photo Transfer WiFi with You!

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Photo-Ttransfer-wifi-_back-To-SchoolA new school year is just around the corner and besides all the excitement, mommies and daddies want their children and teenage kids get ready. Getting back to school is not an easy process yet the preparation beforehand is “a must”. Simplex Solutions Inc. is saluting all parents and offering additional 50% discount for all products and services including VPN Unlimited, Photo Transfer WiFi, Sync Photos To Storage and Tap & Edit. As the company celebrates its 1-year on the market, our offer will be available in August 9-16, 2014.

The junior year of high school is a completely new experience. Aside from meeting all the friends and becoming inspired with all new courses, it is better to head to the stores early and buy the most needed items. By the way, as your teenagers are getting ready to enter adult life, it is absolutely necessary to go shopping for school supplies with them.

“Must” Have School Items

The number of items will depend on the selected course load and also teachers will offer their own unique requirements. Yet, we offer you to explore the list of must-have items to get them before the school year begins.

  1. Pens and highlighters.
  2. Notebooks (all kinds) and notepad.
  3. Folders and binders.
  4. Post-its and index cards.
  5. #2 pencils and a pencil case.
  6. Stapler, ruler, scissors, calculator.
  7. Dictionary / Thesaurus.

Staying on a Budget!

While it is absolutely great to have everything new in stock, sometimes it is better to take a look at the supplies you have from the last school year and see what is still in good condition. And there is plenty of room for additional inspiring creativity.

  • Go through the old notebooks and see if they have enough of unused pages. It is easy to rip out the old notes and you will get a notebook with enough of blank pages. Also, the clean pages can be used for new binders and folders.
  • There is nothing to worry about if you see cheesy portraits of the old crush. It is simple to jazz them up with new pictures of friends. Also, take your time and do a nice collage of your favorite celebrities. We are completely positive that anyone would love to own this kind of exclusive redo school items.
  • Prepare to meet your friends. Use Photo Transfer WiFi to download your photos with a simple click. Also, it is nice to prepare beforehand and choose the best photos you took during the summer time. We are sure that both your friends and you will love sharing the new photos. By the way, use Photo Transfer WiFi to share the photos with anyone because it is fast and easy. Also, Photo Transfer WiFi is available right this very minute completely free. Isn’t that exciting?
  • Remember, it is nice to reorganize your study zone by purchasing new penholders and desk-organizers. But it is going to be far more creative to make them yourself. Just take used aluminum soup cans and decorate tem in the way you like the most. Also, you will add to saving the environment.
  • As soon as you have organized your place of study, move on to examining your closet. Aside from getting rid of old close that you don’t want to wear anymore, make a list of clothes and accessories that will really fit you this school year.

As soon as your school items, clothing and school bag are intact, see what else will be inspiring and supportive to you this upcoming high school year. We are sure there are plenty of new hobbies and courses that will be highly beneficial and interesting for you.

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