Black Friday 2014: Are You Ready to Get Busy with Shopping?

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As the Black Friday buzz has by far exceeded its advertising limits, each and every one of us should get the idea how we can fully benefit from it. Of course, it may seem like a tiresome matter as you probably wish to be in many stores at the same time, spending your hard-earned cash. Thankfully, there is no need to be everywhere on the upcoming Friday sale event, yet, having a plan on how you would manage to get to the places of the best deals should become your top priority for now.

As for us, we are pretty excited to double your purchases of all Simplex Solutions products available for 48 hours on Friday & Saturday, November 28th and 29th, 2014! Use To Do Checklist to schedule your shopping. Start with online shopping and continue with poplar retail stores.

Do You Know? When the Black Friday Emerged

The term “Black Friday” was officially made in the 1960s, yet it got its popularity only two decades ago. It’s comes as no surprise, but retailers have always tried to lure or “push” the customers to go shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving since the end of 19th and early 20th century. At that time, the renowned Eaton’s and Macy’s liked to sponsor parades, taking place right after the Thanksgiving. Somehow, the parades were a part of major advertising campaigns for Christmas. And it worked!

Does Black Friday mean True Savings? (Facts)

  1. By the 1930s, the Friday after Thanksgiving became the official start of Christmas shopping season.
  2. After 1939, the Thanksgiving was set for the fourth Thursday of November.
  3. The “Black Friday” term was introduced in the mid-1960s, yet it was not popular.
  4. In the 1980s, retailers pushed the term to attract more customers and do more sales as the beginning of the Christmas season.
  5. For taxi and public transportation drivers, Black Friday is the hardest shift ever as too many people go for shopping and walk the streets to have fun after Thanksgiving.

True or False

–        Nearly 135 million people shop on Black Friday! (True)

–        The sales begin on Black Friday only! (False: Many stores offer great discounts on Thanksgiving)

–        In 2010, over $39 billion were spent by 212 million of crazy shoppers with average spending of $365.34. (True)

–        Every retailer must offer a “Doorbuster” deal, the exceptionally low-priced items, at ample stock. (False) Nope, they don’t unless you wish to look for “guaranteed doorbsuters”.

–        The Black Friday discount can go up to 65%! (True)

–        The “BF” name came from the stock market crash in 1929. (False)

–        The Black Friday is not the biggest shopping day ever throughout the year. (True)

–        Most popular product categories include:

1)     electronic devices (59%);

2)     DVD & BLU-RAY (49%);

3)     clothing (48%);

4)     video games (45%);

5)     computers (44%); (True)

Is Black Friday a North American or Global Phenomenon?

As it turns out, every year the Black Friday gets a wider expansion throughout the world, so today it is a global phenomenon.  But most importantly, you can save money and double your purchases for free for all our products including the most secure VPN Unlimited, self-organization and high productivity tool To Do Checklist, easy-to-use Photo Transfer WiFi, fast download with Sync Photos To Storage, amazing Tap& Edit. In addition, explore the best bundle deals and 1-, 2-, 3-year subscription services plans.

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  1. I guess the next question will be should I go to and manually set up an account?

  2. Making the purchase through stacksocial, I used the same email as is not publicly shown on the blog. Phonetically that is: sam dot hill at charter dot net.

    If I didn’t misunderstand the instructions, from the confirmation email I had to “REDEEM YOUR PURCHASES NOW” by clicking a large green box.

    After clicking a download link and a code displayed.

    I saved the code, took the download, dragged the VPN_Unlimited_2.3 app to Applications and from there was expected run the app and to set up my VPN Unlimited account.

    That’s where I stopped due to the versioning problem. So I have not set up an account at this point.

    I trust that’s not TMI. 🙂

  3. Absolutely, thanks! If it’s better we can handle the rest of this via email.

    One last question though, will I still be entitled to the same license/# of devices benefits?

    Again, thank you for your prompt reply and willingness to address this matter.

    Regards ~ Sam

  4. I just purchased a “Black Friday special” featuring your VPN product through stacksocial. No where was a minimum OS mentioned. I’m running OSX.6.8, your product version is listed as 2.3. Do you have an OSX6 client? I would be interested in obtaining that. Thanks!

    • Hello!
      We can provide PPTP and ovpn settings, but you will need to configure
      your device using these settings by yourself. Will you be able to do that?

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