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The Private Browser has been released a while ago and the app has already received positive appraisals and feedback about its usefulness and anonymity . The Internet is filled with a whole variety of anonymous browsing options, yet the Private Browser stands out because it provides a wide range of options for secure and anonymous online surfing that are extremely relevant to everyday use.

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Private Browser 1.1 Version Upgrades

Fired up by close-related technology that is used in popular VPN Unlimited, we have released the new Private Browser 1.1 version, which outstand the previous app by the additional changes.

  1. Private Browser has undergone a great number of improvements.
  2. The design layout was changed to become more flowing, smooth-lined and attractive.
  3. The upper tab layout changes when full screen selected.
  4. Stable application work process.
  5. Minor bugs fixes.

Instead of taking chances in unprotected Internet surfing activity, it is by far better to use Private Browser 1.1 that will able to secure you online and fully sustain your online privacy.

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Без заголовка Secure Your Browsing Activity

The idea of the app capable of secure browsing may not seem new, but it has a rather relevant usability with present unstable, vulnerable (cybercriminal) Internet environment. Aside from a fact that a regular user has been almost completely deprived of his right for online privacy (Internet providers create a profile for every customer then to bombard with unwanted ads), a greater number of surfers seek online “solitude” and complete anonymity while using the Internet and Private Browser is absolutely perfect for this purpose.

Along with a great number of tools to stay secure online, there is still a great portion of users who tend to neglect the value of secure Internet activity. They do that because of common misconceptions.


  1. I am safe online doing whatever I want.
  2. Private browsing will slow my Internet connection speed.
  3. No one wants to spy on me because I am not that significant.
  4. Cybercriminals can steal nothing from me.
  5. They are more interested in big corporate damage.
  6. I use the latest OS version – it can’t be hacked!
  7. There is no way my Internet provider has a profile of me.
  8. No ads will make me shop. I am not a SHOPAHOLIC!
  9. I don’t need private browsing to look through email.
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  1. When will this option be available for Android devices?

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