Can Automatic Photo Storing be Changed?

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Sync-Photoы-Storage-DialogHow to Store Your Photos not in designated “Pictures” folder only?

There is common saying “some things cannot be changed”. But the question is should the user be limited to storing photos to Pictures folder only? In order to solve this problem, we offer Sync Photos To Storage software with the option of storing photos in the folders they choose to select. Our Company is always seeking solutions to simplify the app usage, providing our clients with more options that are:

1)    easy-to-use;

2)    extremely convenient.

Why Should You Stay Limited to Pictures Folder Only?

We continue to focus on the major benefits of Sync Photos To Storage app’s features. Let’s go over the process of app’s use. Initially, when you install the application on your iPad/iPhone and computer where you want to transfer photos, you select a particular folder on your computer. In this post, we will discuss how to change the folder for another one.

1.   Turn on your computer, double click on Sync Photos To Storage application window.
2.   On the right bottom part of the screen, a window of Sync Photos will open.
3.   On the upper right corner of Sync Photos, you will see Gear icon.

a)    Mac OS X: click on gear icon and press ‘Select new folder’ button.
b)    MS Windows: use right-click on the gear icon and select new folder for photo transfer.

5.   Select a new folder for the photo transfer.
6.   Then proceed to your iPad/iPhone and tap ‘Put to storage’ button and the photos will be synced easily.

Note: if have selected a new folder on your computer, the app will transfer the new photos there. The application is smart enough not to make any duplicates, meaning the new folder will receive only new photos that were not synced before. At the same time, you can select a different computer and proceed with the transfer, Sync Photos To Storage will save all photos from your iPad/iPhone on a different computer from scratch, but will never create any new photo duplicates.

As you can see the app’s use is extremely easy, and we receive numerous customers’ feedback that clients learn how to handle Sync Photos To Storage in minutes. It once again proves that the app is built to address customers’ needs in the intuitive manner.

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