Set On-Location Reminders for Your Tasks with To Do Checklist

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To-do-chtcklist-pinWith To Do Checklist 3.0 accomplishing tasks is easier than ever. A wide array of app’s features allows to articulate new ideas, create tasks swiftly, do a greater number of activities and group tasks in inspiring lists. The customers benefit from using the two basic versions of the app that allow to benefit from the app both offline and online. Aside from the excellent task sharing options with task notifications sent via e-mail and Facebook, To Do Checklist 3.0 has the latest on-location reminder. The user can set the task reminder when he enters and leaves the designated area.

Use Case Review: On-Location “Exit” Radius Reminder

  • A young couple, Mary and Joseph have had their two babies. The couple didn’t take a vacation for 3 years straight, but now they can set off to Hawaii, taking their 3-year old kids with them.
  • While the trip is still a month away, a lot of preparation should be done, including purchasing new clothes and swimsuits necessary for the trip.
  • Mary has decided to buy some swimwear for the kids including goggles and inflatable vests. These items are not considered of the high priority purchases. Mary plans to visit sports & outdoors section whenever she has a free time.
  • Mary creates a task and shares it with Joseph. She assigns to the task location-dependent reminder. On the upcoming weekend, Mary and Joseph do their weekend shopping and when they live 1-mile radius of the shopping center, the “buy goggles and inflatable vests” reminder goes off.
  • On their way home, Joseph drives to the designated sports store and gets the items.

The “exit” radius on-location reminder is highly beneficial for the users. It allows to get things done fast, including the purchase of the much wanted goggles for the upcoming trip.

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