Differentiate Your Photos for General and Exclusive Review

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Camera-Roll-Sort-PhotosOftentimes, Photo Transfer WiFi offers a user a number of options how he can initiate the photo sharing. The photo transferring takes just minutes even if a user shares a folder with over 100 high-resolution photos. At the same time, providing access to all photos that you have on your electronic device is not as convenient or handy. We are determined that some photos are left for private review only. What to do then? Your Camera Roll folder should be divided into separate folders where you can “allow” or “deny” access.

Ashley and her boyfriend Steve recently went on their honeymoon trip to Paris. The time they have spent together was absolutely delightful. As soon as they were back, they wanted to show the photos they made to their family members, co-workers and friends. But some of the photos were too romantic, intended for a private eye. Steve suggested using Photo Transfer WiFi and they have selected the photos they were eager to share with others.

  1. Steve opened a Camera Roll folder.
  2. Selected the photos to show and pasted them to a new “Paris” folder.
  3. In Photo Transfer WiFi, Steve “denies” access to the general Camera Roll and “allows” access to the “Paris” folder.

Problem with sharing your photos that you intend for your personal use only is solved.

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