Move photos to Dropbox with no WiFi available

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sync-photos-to-storageSync Photos To Storage may look as an easy-to-use app, but it offers an array of options and features for the users to benefit from. Let us remind you that Sync Photos To Storage offers a speedy download of a great number of photos. The app easily solves the problem of fast photos download from iOS devices to major computer platforms, including Mac OS X, MS Windows and Linux. Now, let’s review how you can use Sync Photos To Storage if the WiFi Internet connection is absent.

Use Case Review – Move photos to Dropbox with no WiFi available

This is a common use case review offered to show you how you can use Sync Photos To Storage if you are not presently connected to WiFi hotspot.

  • Janet is a real-estate agent. She received a call about the request from the new clients to sell their property. Janet took the cab and went to the house to make new photos with her iPhone.
  • On her way back, Janet was notified about the new meeting that she is about to have in 15 minutes. While driving in the cab, Janet connected to the Internet with her iPhone and, thanks to Sync Photos WiFi, she has uploaded the photos of the new house to Dropbox folder used by the agency. As soon as the photo synchronization process has been finished, they were instantly uploaded to the agency’s website.

As you can see, Janet didn’t have to find a WiFi hotspot and she has initiated the photo transfer with her iPhone. Read more about Sync Photos To Storage here and here.

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