Do you have a problem to upload thousands of new photos to Storage?

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We live in a highly fast paced world and, oftentimes, taking pictures on our favorite iPhone or iPad became a common habit for us. However, transferring the photos and sharing them with your friends or syncing them to storage becomes a time consuming issue. First for all, you may encounter common problems because syncing photos from your iPad to computer requires a solution, i.e. a software that will do the job. There is one easy-to-use app, Sync Photos To Storage that can solve all photos transfering problems.

General Statistics

Do you see yourself as an artist when you take photos? Well, to be frank with you, millions of people worldwide consider photography their own hobby. Just imagine, over 200,000 pics are uploaded every minute on Facebook. What a huge load of photos, isn’t it? Furthermore, Yahoo experts claim that in 2014 people will take over 900 billion photos. And, oftentimes, we wonder what drives people to take as many photos as they do? And how do they transfer hundreds of photos?

Common Facts: Why our Brains Crave Visuals so bad?

  1. We are “visually wired” beings.
  2. Our brains perform over 50% of visual processing activities.
  3. Seeing images is simpler than other types of symbols of processing.
  4. More information is conveyed through visuals.
  5. We communicate verbally, but our body language is perceived visually.
  6. Our brains are overloaded with information, but visuals give us much needed relief.
  7. We get the visual scene context in less than a 0:01 seconds.
  8. On an average day, our brains process over 100,000 words.
  9. If you have to recall something, it’s easier by 8 times to do that if some sort of visual is attached.

Bringing more Visuals, more Light, more Color into Your Life

Based on the mentioned above facts, more online and offline publications add visuals to the text because they attract more people. Getting back to photo mania, I guess we take photos as we very much like to capture the pleasant and bright moments of our lives and keep trying to hang on to them, making them a crucial part of our memories. While some people love taking photos and sharing them with their friends, others like to post them online or store them somewhere safe.

Taking a photo is somewhat like making a certain statement or message we wish to convey to the world. If you ask a thousand people why they like taking photos much, every person will have their own opinions and reasons why they do it. We have already discussed the common thread that stands behind the motivation to take pictures, but we will still have to agree that this is global phenomenon.

How do you upload thousands of new photos to Storage?

As soon as you took at least 50 of new photos, you have to download them from iPhone or iPad on your computer for further use. While the Internet is filled with the hundreds of applications, they may lack a full spectrum of features that Sync Photos To Storage app has to offer. The app can transfer any number of new photos to storage you require regardless the system. It means that the two devices you use, for example, iOS device and your computer, by running the app will discover each other wirelessly and do the photo-transfer automatically. Another great feature of the app is its ability to download only new photos without duplicating numerous copies. This way you don’t have to remember which photos have already been downloaded to the selected storage device.

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