Upgrade your Productivity level with To Do Checklist 3.0

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To-Do-Checklist-ReleaseWith the release of the To Do Checklist 3.0 service, we believe that it’s essential to give an overview of the app’s major options, features and benefits. Initially, Simplex Solutions Inc. goal with the development of this app was to help our customers to increase their productivity, achieving a higher lever level of their success and professional growth. Now, let’s focus on the main app’s features, so you can benefit from the use of the simple yet brilliant To Do Checklist right this minute.

To Do Checklist Advantages

  1. Create new task & group them into original task lists fast;
  2. Share task with your friends, teammates and family;
  3. Send shared tasks with contacts via e-mail or Facebook;
  4. Create unique contact lists from your social networks;
  5. Benefit from automatic task synchronization between multiple devices;
  6. Use convenient on-location reminders;
  7. Enjoy inspiring intuitive interface.

Using the mentioned above advantages, any person can benefit from a good habit of daily planning, and be able to handle a great number of matters in just one day. Aside from being substantially helpful, task sharing is a lot fun too, supporting communication between two individuals or group of people.

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