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Sync-Photos-To-Storage-UpdateWe continue to enhance our products, making them better.

This time we have released the new version of Sync Photos To Storage that is available now on App Store and our website. As you may already know, the app allows to sync photos from iPhone and iPads to any Mac, MS Windows or Linux computer.

The renewed app version allows to do the photo syncing faster and easier. Also, Sync Photos To Storage has received good reviews of such renowned online magazines such as TUAW and Culf Of Mac.

‘Sync Photos to Storage makes moving your photos to your desktop computer effortless and automatic.’ – Mel Martin, TUAW.

‘Sync Photos To Storage, a new app from developer Simplex Solutions, aims to make this process much, much easier.’ – Rob LeFebvre, Cult of Mac.

Download your version of Sync Photos To Storage from App Store

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