KeepSolid Phones: protect your privacy when job hunting

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If you decided to raise your living standards by changing your current job, be ready – it’s quite a tough task, since the lasting crisis that invested many countries. That is why a lot of people have decided to start their searching for employment abroad. They post their CVs with contact details on Craigslist, Jobbörse, 51job, and many other social media websites to find an attractive offer and be on a roll again.

Don’t be fly-away when giving your personal data away

However, posting your personal information all over the web doesn’t mean that it will be used properly and for the purpose intended. You will be surely assailed by an annoying blind mass calls and messages from recruiters and HRs even if you have already got a job, and deleted your profile. Moreover, most of their offers are usually far from your field – you may be asked about the job selling insurance, while you are an IT developer.

phone-card-phone-02To stop being spammed by job boards and any other services, you need to start moving in the direction to take control of your privacy. It is completely normal to have separate email addresses for personal use, work, and other areas of life. So, why wouldn’t you have extra throwaway phone numbers for the same things?

The ace solution to avoid spam headache

KeepSolid Phones makes it possible. With our topping service, you can get unlimited disposable untraceable phone numbers, without additional SIM cards, signing contracts, or hidden fees. It will take you less than a minute to get a new virtual number and start using it.

With KeepSolid Phones, you can still sign up for different online services and post your number publicly, but keep your personal information private. Our app lets you manage phone numbers as you need and simply dispose them at any point, ridding yourself of tiresome calls and explanations.

Now you don’t have to give your real phone number to anybody ever. Take the liberty to have a peace of mind that you’re not going to get spammed. Get your virtual disposable number right away!

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