Life Hacks On How To Browse The Web Privately

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Cyber-Attacks-AheadIn this blog post, we will continue to talk about the ways to protect our privacy and anonymity online. As we said before, this question is crucial in the digital age we are living now. Just think of that, the U.S. Navy captures 110,000 cyber-attacks every hour! And there is more to come. But the worst thing is that the reason for cyber crimes increase is our own neglect of our online security. In most cases, we give our vulnerable information to the adversaries willingly. We think it is just the time to stop this malpractice. Today we will delve into several life hacks that will help you to ensure a safe web surfing for you and your family.

Password manager

A password manager is a service that will create strong passwords and store them safely. This is a secure tool to avoid using the same password to login to different accounts. Password managers are extremely difficult to crack, as they use high-level encryption methods.

Besides, passwords that such programs create are random, without a pattern or structure. They usually include capitals, numbers and symbols. This makes them strong enough to defend against cyber criminals.

People who use password managers do not need to remember their passwords; only the master password that also should be strong, yet memorable enough to access the service. If you forget the master password, all your accounts are under uncrackable lock and key.

Never answer security questions honestly

There is one ‘but’. If a website requires security questions to finish the sign up, and you answer them honestly, it will take a short while for adversaries to find the right answers on the Internet and get access to your accounts. In this case, no matter how complex your passwords are.

Encrypt your messages

When we communicate with our partners and friends over email, social networks, or chat services, we, generally, use plain text. And this may also expose our personal data to a risk of being stolen. If someone you know asks to send him your account number or password, and you reply, a third party can potentially get your sensitive information.

When you don’t have any other ways, but send the required information over the Internet, we recommend you to encrypt your messages. The best way to cope with this task is to use services that provide a high level of encryption.

We offer our customers a range of services that provide military-level encryption (AES 128 and AES 256): WiFi Hotspot Protector, Private Browser, and VPN Unlimited. At a click of a button, our security tools will effectively block any attempt of cyber criminals to access your sensitive information or track your web traffic. These apps are the best solution to prevent eavesdropping in today’s digital world.

According to the United Nations June 2015 report, staying anonymous online thus using security, privacy and encryption tools, is a basic human right. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to get your online protection that is yours by right!

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  1. Do I need vpn private browser if I already have vpn unlimited infinity?

    • Hi Frost,
      Sorry for the delayed response.
      Well, Private Browser and VPN Unlimited act similarly providing you with a VPN protection while you surf the web. But VPN Unlimited offers a much broader functionality and opportunities.

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