Private Browser – best anonymizer you’ve ever utilized

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Staying safe, private and anonymous while browsing the web is something everyone cares about these days. More and more users want to protect their personal data from priers, bypass some geographical restrictions and keep their online activity untraced.

Private Browser is capable to provide users with all of the above listed, and it’s absolutely free!

Your sure way to stay anonymous online

stay-as-anonymous-as-possible-online.1280x600Private Browser is the best tool to keep your activity anonymous while surfing the web on your iOS device. Every time you address a web resource using Private Browser, your connection goes trough the virtual tunnel where all your traffic gets encrypted and all network actions become fully invisible for third parties, spies and hackers.

Why Private Browser?

There are several benefits to using Private Browser. The app hides your real IP address whenever you are online, it keeps your real location in secret and protects your sensitive information from snoops and sniffers.

Whether you are a businessman, a freelancer or a frequent traveler, who spends a lot of time on the road, in airports and hotels, you should take special care of your data protection. Free yourself from prying eyes – use the app that provides high-level security and encryption for your communication, files or information you send and receive. Download Private Browser free today!

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