WiFi Hotspot Protector is the best solution for your safe travelling

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WIFI-05Well, the holiday season is over and we have to get back to our business duties that oftentimes include business trips. While away, we still need to stay connected both with our partners and families. That’s the time when the WiFi Hotspot Protector app is indispensable for your iOS device. Below is the answer why.

Business trips suppose a frequent use of public Wi-Fi connections that are widely offered in airports and cafes. While waiting to take off or having your lunch, you are able to get some work done and access social media. What a customer care, isn’t it? Maybe, but you should alert to the security nuances this care contains.

When you are connected to one of these public Wi-Fi hotspots, users on the same network are able to get access to your personal data, like passwords, credit card information, and your business or private correspondence. Even if public Wi-Fi networks have a password, you still share it with hundreds of other people who can trace your IP address and network traffic. This sensitive information is an entry point for a vast number of threats, like viruses and other malware that can hardly affect it.

Simply said, your vulnerable data is at risk every time you are connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot. However, it doesn’t mean at all that you should not use public networks and, hereby, be cut off from the world while travelling.

Our WiFi Hotspot Protector app offers you a strong protection of your valuable data and keeps your online privacy intact. It hides your real IP address and encrypts all the traffic you send or receive through the Internet. Thus, you may proceed doing your work online while waiting for your flight or enjoying your lunch without fear your private data will be damaged.

WiFi Hotspot Protector is a must-have security tool when you are in a coffee shop, hotel, departure lounge or at the conference. It identifies potential threats you are near and notify you of them. Our service leaves no chances for adversaries, whose target is your personal information.

Stay in safe touch anytime and anywhere with our secure WiFi Hotspot Protector app!

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