SmartDNS by KeepSolid for iOS

Whether you’re traveling overseas for vacation or business, keep watching favorite movies and TV shows as if you never left home. Take care of this in advance and get SmartDNS by KeepSolid for your iPhone/iPad before departure. Forget about geo-restrictions and enjoy streaming services you’re subscribed to.


  • Unlimited connection speed 
  • Convenient user interface
  • Multiplatform solution
  • SmartDNS free trial

Note: SmartDNS is also available as a part of the MonoDefense® security bundle.

What is SmartDNS by KeepSolid

SmartDNS is a proxy solution to get the restricted content on desirable platforms. For example, imagine you have been watching a TV series on Disney Plus every weekend for a month, but suddenly you have to leave the country. You will not be able to continue watching your TV series abroad, because Disney Plus restricts access to its content for some states, or its content library is different there.

In this case, you need a service that will change your DNS inquiries and allow you to get access to streaming platforms. Enter SmartDNS! Unlike other masking solutions, our DNS proxy service doesn’t impair your connection speed and allows you to watch movie premieres in UltraHD resolution without lags.

How to Setup SmartDNS on iPhone

This guide contains detailed instructions on how to download and run the SmartDNS app for iOS. So check out how to get access to any web content on iPhone.

Step 1

Download SmartDNS by KeepSolid

Step 2

Launch SmartDNS, log in with your KeepSolid ID or create a new one

Step 3

Navigate to Settings and choose the Manage my IP option

Step 4

Set up your IP and then start the connection on the main screen with the toggle button


Note: Sometimes you may need to change DNS manually. If you don’t know how to change the DNS manually, check out our comprehensive guide in Manuals

Top Features of SmartDNS Proxy Service

Easy registration

It takes only a couple of minutes to fill in the registration form in the header of our website. That’s all you need to enjoy streaming services on iOS. 

High-speed connection

SmartDNS by KeepSolid provides high bandwidth capacity and connection speed. Your web experience will not be impaired by delays, because our DNS proxy service for iOS doesn’t encrypt your traffic.

Devices and platforms

You can enjoy your favorite content with the SmartDNS app on different platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. You can configure it on smart TVs, media players, and gaming consoles as well. The number of devices is not limited.

No geographical limits

Any streaming video is available regardless of your location. SmartDNS for iOS allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and watch movies everywhere.

User-friendly application

The SmartDNS app is easy to use. You can register and change a DNS proxy server in a couple of clicks.

7-day free trial

After registration in the User Office, you receive a 7-day free trial to enjoy the features of the SmartDNS app. 

Watching US TV Shows on iOS with SmartDNS

Most of the streaming services offer paid subscriptions. But even if you choose a plan and subscribe to BBC iPlayer or Hulu you are not guaranteed to be able to watch it abroad. To enjoy your paid subscription you need a solution to unblock access to it if need be. 

SmartDNS is a service that offers top-quality and high-speed servers, allowing you to bypass regional restrictions and unblock streaming sites on iPhone wherever you are. Moreover, SmartDNS doesn’t affect your streaming speed, so lags and delays won’t be a problem anymore. 

How SmartDNS Works

irstly, SmartDNS receives your connection requests to the desired streaming website or platform. Then the app replaces the info about your geo-location with a new one where the content isn’t blocked. It will appear like you are located within the country or region where the website is available.

Our DNS proxy service for iOS is one such application. It doesn’t encrypt your data and allows you to watch video content on any streaming platforms in the best resolution without lags on any device. This solution is the perfect choice if you just want to sit back and enjoy BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, or HBO from outside of America. 

SmartDNS is compatible with various devices. It is easy to use the app on your laptop, PC, iOS or Android device, etc. Don’t miss out - get a free SmartDNS trial. Within 7 days you will be able to try out all the goodies of our DNS proxy service for iOS and then buy a subscription if you like it.

You can check out the full list of supported streaming channels available with SmartDNS here.

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